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Problem Management

(Beta available Q4-2020)

Manage the life cycle of underlying problems in your company. Achieve by detecting and providing solutions to problems. Minimize impact and prevent recurrence and learn lessons for the future.

The Problem Management process is designed to fulfill the overall goal of unified, standardized, and repeatable handling of all problems managed by everything HelpDesk.

Maximize IT service quality through reactive and proactive procedures to effect resolution and prevention in a timely and economic fashion.

  • Prevent problems and resulting incident from happening.
  • Eliminate recurring incidents.
  • Minimize the impact of incidents that cannot be prevented.

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Click here for further details on each activity’s description in the high level reactive Problem Management Process Flow.

More than one role may be assigned to an individual and his responsibilities can be mapped to multiple individuals.

One role is accountable for each process activity with appropriate consideration of the required skills and managerial capability, this person may delegate certain responsibilities to other individuals.

It is ultimately the job of the person who is accountable to ensure that the job gets done.

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