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Simplify Incident Requests

Ensure your end users can easily submit incidents using our Email-to-Incident feature or customizable, web-based forms. The submission form displays required and customized fields and can be modified based on your organization's needs. Enjoy auto-incident-routing ensuring the right incident team member automatically gets the right tickets. SSO including LDAP is available. Learn more here

Increase Productivity

Stay one step ahead of your organizational processes and routine tasks with our workflow incident automation feature called Incident Templates. Reduce end user incident requests with the self-help Knowledgebase. Use one system to fill the needs of many departments including IT, Human Resources, Facilities, Maintenance and more. Learn more here

Improve Accountability

The reporting tool gives you key performance indicators which show incident team member performance, incidents by category and location with elapsed time, and any other areas of concern. Schedule reports to automatically be generated and delivered by email daily, weekly or monthly. Create and maintain your Incident Response Time metrics through automatic incident escalation and routing based on things like priority, status, and elapsed time. Learn more here





As low as $20/month


As low as $25/month

Incident Team Member licenses
Up to 3
Up to 3
End users
Custom dashboards
Available in the Cloud
Incident Templates

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