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GroupLink® PowerShare™

How will your organization & IT team benefit from use of PowerShare?

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Questions for your IT Team:

  • Do your Help Desk personnel wait on IT to perform routine tasks?
  • Do your IT personnel have an endless stream of problems to solve?
  • Do your users have to wait on the IT department to finish a work process?
  • Does your IT team use Microsoft “Powershell” a lot, or Python or BASH scripting?

IT Managers, Help Desk Managers, and IT Personnel

  • Gain more time from IT personnel to help complete projects
  • Give Help Desk personnel ability to address tickets that previously took too long to resolve
  • Utilize IT expertise more efficiently
  • Keep IT personnel satisfied
  • Develop Help Desk personnel into IT personnel
  • Create cross-domain expertise among IT personnel
  • Create solutions for end-user’s needs
  • Allow for different administrative roles and responsibilities
  • Reduce the skills gaps in IT
  • Apply automation to improve efficiencies


  • Staff new projects which previously would have taken too long to accomplish
  • Better-control the cost of IT projects
  • Staff in-house expertise
  • Preserve and archive intellectual property and the product of knowledge-workers
  • Better-apply knowledge workers’ capacity to help:
    • reduce costs
    • leverage resources
    • increase revenue / profits
  • Create new innovations and productivity
  • Enable “Citizen App Development”
  • Better-apply resources to help win the battle between innovation vs. “keeping the lights on”
  • Leverage IoT, AI, etc.

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