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GroupLink® PowerShare™ Benefits

GroupLink® PowerShare™ allows IT departments to share routine IT tasks with Help Desk personnel (and with other knowledge workers) in an organization. By using PowerShare your IT team can:

☑ Complete more projects that save money and/or create value.

☑ Have fewer fires to put out.

☑ Participate in more IT related projects.

☑ Spend less time “reacting”, and more time creating solutions.

☑ Boost productivity allowing IT personnel to perform routine tasks much faster

☑ Increase teamwork allowing IT personnel to share routine tasks (“Micro-Administration”) with other IT personnel, Help Desk personnel and other savvy users

☑ Create custom “Micro-Applications” to enable individuals or small teams to do things without expensive development costs.

☑ Use scripting languages your IT department already knows and uses.

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