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GroupLink for SafestSchools is a cloud-based student behavior & incident resolution solution for school and district stakeholders to record, communicate and collaborate on the most relevant, accurate information to benefit the individual student.

For District Administration

District Administrators strive for the ideal student centered culture by sharing values and processes which sustain a positive, safe, and nurturing environment for students.

Use GroupLink for SafestSchools to help:

  • Pinpoint best practices in each school
  • Identify collaboration opportunities between schools
  • Accurately diagnose areas of concern, and
  • Be prepared to provide State and Federal reports

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For School Administration

School Administrators strive to develop and sustain leaders who have vision and passion for student success.

Use GroupLink for SafestSchools to help:

  • View the big picture of student incidents and successes
  • Intervene as necessary
  • Mentor individual teachers and students

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For Teachers

Teachers strive for excellence while facilitating continuous improvement in the art and science of teaching.

Use GroupLink for SafestSchools to help:

  • Easily report incidents in a timely manner via email
  • Stay in the loop on submitted referrals
  • Get 24X7 access to the latest policies and procedures for behavioral referrals processes

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Involving Family Members and the Community

Students need engaged parents, guardians, and community members to support their achievement.

School staff can use GroupLink for SafestSchools to help:

  • Inform family members and/or community council members about the status of positive or concerning behavior and to enlist support.

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Pricing Per School

3-10 Schools

As low as $42/month

11-25 Schools

As low as $33/month

26+ Schools

As low as $29/month

Principal and Participant License
Unlimited Submitters
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