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District Administration perspective

District Administrators strive to establish and sustain the ideal school and district culture by sharing values, beliefs and processes that sustain a positive, safe, and nurturing education environment for their students.

District Administrators get easy-to-use tools with process flexibility and configuration for student behavior data acquisition and process management. They use the tools to:

  • Configure the processes based on their unique goals and team to gather the requisite data with increased process flexibility for continual process improvement in school safety.
  • Facilitate timely communication of accurate behavior information to indicate positive successes and early warning signs to steer interventions.

A key element to the District Administrators success is accurate behavior incident data by School. Let’s take a look inside the GroupLink for SafestSchools software to see what a list of incidents looks like (organized in a school-by-school view) as well as individual incidents and the data you can gather and view within a couple examples.

Another key element to the District Administrators success is the ability to have a consolidated view of accurate data for all behavior incidents for the entire District. Let’s now view an example of what a list of incidents within a given district would look like.

With the flexibility to drill-down into the data by filtering the type of behavioral incidents you would prefer to view– such as bullying, cheating, or fighting.

Another key element for success is the flexibility to meet the ever-evolving requirements for State and Federal reporting. Generate custom reports that can visually show you and your administrators what is happening in your schools.

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