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Pricing Per School

3-10 Schools


$42/month billed annually
$50 month-to-month

11-25 Schools


$33/month billed annually
$40 month-to-month

26+ Schools


$29/month billed annually
$35 month-to-month
Principal and Participant License*
Unlimited Submitters**

* Each school receives a "Principal" license and a "Participant" license (for the Principal's assistant) for access to the SafestSchools system. Additional licenses are available at $25/license per month billed annually ($300/license per year) or $30/license month-to-month. Each additional license includes login credentials for one added "Principal" and one added "Participant".

** With SafestSchools, an unlimited number of faculty, staff, students, parents (and others involved on a need-to-know basis) can submit incidents to the system and be involved in follow-up correspondence.

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