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GroupLink and SUSE Partner for Academic Progress

GroupLink, a leading provider of help desk and related support software to academic organizations, offers its everything HelpDesk software and support for educational use including a free version available for schools, districts and higher education. GroupLink also provides help desk software for educational use and support training.

As a leading open source company, SUSE supports schools, higher learning institutions and the academic community in getting free access to extensive experience and knowledge for educational purposes. The SUSE Academic Program is offered as a simple way to provide SUSE technology, training materials and customized offerings in one standard program to qualifying academic institutions for teaching, curriculum and lab use.

A GroupLink and SUSE partnership demonstrates a unified focus on information technology education and support tools available to academic organizations including K-12 schools and districts, institutions of higher education, universities and colleges. These academic organizations can now bundle both programs, giving access to software packages, support offerings and training materials.

How GroupLink everything HelpDesk works with SUSE

GroupLink everything HelpDesk is tested and certified with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) versions 11 and 12. Benefits include discounted (or no-charge) support options with GroupLink-on-SUSE; rapid-response troubleshooting as a GroupLink-on-SUSE user; certified configuration guidance and urgent responsiveness while teaming with a trusted SUSE partner.

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What can everything HelpDesk do for me?

GroupLink everything HelpDesk enables help desk teams to provide the support end users need in a timely manner while keeping within their organization’s budget. Essential features are available at a reasonable price. The system’s integration with Linux allows organizations to leverage its current infrastructure and avoid purchasing additional applications to run the software.

Check out the features and benefits below:

easy submit

Simple Ticket Submission

Ensure that your end users can easily submit tickets with Email-to-Ticket, customizable web forms, or through their own help desk login. Organize tickets using groups (Assist equivalent: Ticket Type) and categories/category options (Assist equivalent: Category and Sub Category) while enjoying auto-ticket-routing. SSO including LDAP is available.


Self-Help Knowledgebase

Reduce end user incident requests with the self-help Knowledgebase. Collect and store key information from experienced technicians and successfully closed tickets. Public or private designation allows technicians/end users to access self-help articles. A powerful search bar enables quick topic research and a built-in forwarding tool allows you to share helpful articles.

Reporting and Analytics

Easily create powerful graphical reports (HTML or PDF) in everything HelpDesk. The reporting tool allows you to select key performance indicators (KPIs) showing technician performance and workload, group and category/category option (Assist equivalent: Category and Sub Category) performance, tickets by location (Assist equivalent: Building), and much more! Also, have your custom reports set on a scheduled recurrence pattern to automatically generate and email your boss in time for your weekly meetings.

Workflow Ticket Automation

Ticket Templates (Assist equivalent: Approval Queue) is what we call our workflow ticket automation which helps you automate organizational processes and routine tasks. Manage multiple departments with one system like IT, HR, Facilities and Maintenance. Ensure that your business processes and routine tasks are efficiently completed, and never missed or forgotten.

Asset Management

Effectively manage your hardware and software inventory with the Asset Manager. Tie assets to tickets which tracks needed repairs or comments in the history record and attach files directly. Create reports giving you the ability to calculate warranty and lease end dates as well as manage downtime. Manage all assets across multiple departments and locations (Assist equivalent: Buildings).

Automated Ticket Escalation

To help you meet your Service Level Agreements (SLAs), everything HelpDesk allows automatic ticket escalation within a technician's queue. Create automatic ticket escalation and routing based on priority, status, or elapsed time frames. Delight users by proactively generating and delivering SLA Compliance Reports.

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How do I get started?

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