K-12 Cybersecurity Audit

Image: Kevin Marks/Flickr

Taken from the Education Week article “State K-12 Cybersecurity Audit Finds Missouri District Unprepared

“It is a very comprehensive report,” said Doug Levin, the president of EdTech Strategies LLC, a consulting group. “Clearly the auditor has developed a framework for best practices.”

While Levin applauded the interest taken by the state auditor, he argued that in a perfect world state departments of education would be doing much more to come up with rules for K-12 systems’ data security, and enforcing them, up front.

Part of the challenge, said Levin, citing a recent report by the U.S. Department of Education, is that nearly half of districts nationally don’t have a full-time IT specialist on staff, and those that do typically face budget constraints.

Is your district doing enough with cybersecurity?

Do you have a full-time IT leader on staff at your district?

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