Top 6 Publications for a CIO

For a chief information officer (CIO), staying on top of technology trends and learning from others’ insight is key to keeping one’s organization at the forefront of success. CIOs are, of course, busy people, and every minute matters. That’s why we have sifted through the publications pointed toward CIOs to determine which ones are the most interesting, engaging, and worthwhile.

Some publications geared toward CIOs are based on IT, while others are focused on business trends CIOs should follow and others address soft skills which are applicable to CIOs and can make an impact if embraced.

Future of CIO

This blog’s tagline says it all: “The future of CIO is digital strategist, global thought leader, and talent master: leading IT to enlighten the customers; enable business success via influence.” The information and articles contained within help CIOs become exactly that, with an approach that is future-focused to help shape the next generation of CIOs.

Posts of note:
Anticipation and Innovation
The Futurologist CIO
The Innovation Curveball
Apply Soft Disciplines to Reimagine IT

Stephenson blogs on Internet of Things

Written by W. David Stephenson, who is a pioneer in the area of Internet of Things, this blog of course focuses on that area of technology specifically. His blog is all about IoT strategy, breakthroughs, and management, of note to any CIO involved with bringing IoT to their organization. IoT is not going anywhere, and if IT leaders are not already up to speed on this innovative technology, there’s no time left to waste.

Posts of note:
The model for IoT privacy and security
Why IoT engineers need compulsory sensitivity training on privacy and security
Sound’s emerging IoT role
IoT intangibles: Increased customer loyalty

CIO from IDG

One look at this publication’s URL tells you they have been around long enough and developed enough skill to be an industry expert. From analytics to virtual reality and everything in between, this publication is a large-scale look at everything CIOs need to know to be successful. For those who are established CIOs, and for those who are just breaking into the field, there’s something for everyone. It’s also a hard-copy magazine for those who prefer the traditional approach to learning new information.

Posts of note:
CIO resumes: 6 best practices and 4 strong examples
Skills CIOs will hire for in 2019
7 skills of successful digital leaders
4 KPIs IT should ditch (and what to measure instead)

CIO Journal

CIO Journal is part of the Wall Street Journal’s online content. With a business focus, it offers insight and analysis to help CIOs strategize and guide their organizations into the future with confidence and success. This publication features the voices and perspectives of well-known industry experts, as well as on the ground details from CIOs all over the country. If you want to know what other CIOs are thinking and doing, CIO Journal is the place to find it.

Posts of note:
CIOs Recognize Gains From Diversity Hiring Programs
The Changing Role of the CIO
CIO, Hack Thyself for Digital Transformation
How CIOs Can Master the Art of Talking to the Board

Digitalist Magazine

Digitalist covers a wide array of tech-related information, news, and innovation. That being said, there is a specific part of the publication that focuses on CIO Knowledge. Here you will find lots of articles that detail the ways new technology is disrupting traditional practices, and how CIOs can embrace these novel approaches for success. From strategy to technology trends, to simplified IT and more, reading Digitalist ensures you are up to date on everything that makes tech tick.

Posts of note:
How To Disrupt Without Being Disrupted
Intelligent Evolution Of People, Processes, And Customer Experience
What Is Intelligence Without Trust?
It’s Time For Intelligent Spend Management. Here’s Why.

Forbes CIO Network

Forbes has long been a publication that is trusted in the tech industry. Their CIO Network is a contributor group sharing insights and ideas for technology leaders, based on the subjects and issues that impact business strategy. Because there are so many contributors involved, this publication offers a very well rounded perspective of the things that matter most to tech leaders on the ground.

Posts of note:
The Top 3 Fails of 2018
Why The Cloud Is A Risky Business
How Big Data Became “Big Bad Data”
CIOs, It’s Time to Kick your Users off the Corporate Network

Today’s tech publications cover a full range of topics, and CIOs who want to elevate their work to the next level can learn a lot with just a few minutes of reading time every day or every week.

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