3 Help Desk Trends For 2016

These trends are excerpts adapted from the Forbes article The Year Of The Customer: 16 Customer Service And Experience (CX) Trends For 2016

The user and their  mobile phone are going to rule: When it comes to customer service and user experience, users know the difference between good and bad. Current marketing and advertising teach them what to expect. And, they not only compare you to others in your industry, but also others outside of your industry. They use their smart phone and phones are getting smarter. And for some, the least important part of the smart phone is the phone. It is the device everyone is using to do everything. A web-based help desk system would be nice.

Self-help customer service is a powerful solution: Directing people to a self-help solution doesn’t always mean you don’t want to deal with the user personally. More and more users are appreciating the speed and efficiency of finding answers to their questions online versus calling, waiting on hold and having to potentially repeat the question to more than one support rep. Start by posting an FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) section on the website. Post YouTube videos that teach how to use your products and answer your customers most frequent questions. Have you visited everything HelpDesk’s Knowledgebase or Product Videos yet?

Omni Channel will become more omni: There’s the phone, email, instant chat, social channels, smart phones and more. People are connecting with organizations in more ways than ever. Which channels are right for you? The ones that your users are using. The millennial generation (born around 1982 to 2004) are also growing reaching almost 25% of the population. They have different expectations than the baby boomer population. They tend to be more tech savvy and interact with companies differently than older generations. They have a lower tolerance level for slow response time and are open to the newer and different forms of communication. Don’t ignore these (and other) differences. It would be like ignoring your users…

Do you have a user-focused help desk experience?

What do you want to add to your help desk experience?

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