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Re-examining Priorities for CIOs & CTOs: Will We Personalize and Customize Mobile Communications and Contactless Solutions?

As organizations pivoted amid a global pandemic, 2020 was a year of avoiding the human touch. A mobile, contactless approach was not only a necessity in 2020. It’s an approach that offers convenience and flexibility to customers well beyond COVID-19. For CIOs and CTOs determining new and reconfigured priorities, personalized and customized mobile communications and

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Re-examining Priorities for CIOs & CTOs: A 10-Part Series

In recent times, CIOs and CTOs have had to pivot quickly and strategize efficiently, ensuring their organizations survive in a time heavily reliant on technology. This adaptability kept many organizations going. Those best prepared for digital transformation saw the benefits.  CIOs initially in action mode may have time now to sit down and think about

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