4 ways incorporating a Help Desk platform can make your company more successful

Your company may be extremely successful in many ways, but have you thought about how you handle your customer requests? Maybe you are a technical company who has a support team handling ticketing requests daily, but you have no official way of logging this information, or keeping track of what types of issues are being troubleshooted. At GroupLink, we specialize in assisting you with this process, by providing an “everything” Help Desk to get your company organized in the right direction.

You may be thinking, “Why do I need a Help Desk, and what are its benefits?” Here are 4 reasons to convince you otherwise:

  1. Organization of priorities – So you may or may not have a way of organizing your priorities. Maybe your support team isn’t that busy, and they don’t need a program to help them stay on top of things; however, having a help desk platform will help those on your support team keep issues in an organized manner sorting by priority. This will give them a sense of organized control, and keeping your employee’s happy is always a good goal to have in mind!
  2. Improved communication with customers – Do you and your support team find it hard to keep track of the emails or phone calls that come your way? Are you constantly scrambling for names and numbers? With a Help Desk, all that work is done for you. You can input the tickets with all the required information, and once it is in the system, it is in there for good. This will help in referring to ticket numbers when speaking to clients, and being able to track history and progress as the ticket is being worked on.
  3. Reporting tools to track types of tickets and the customers- Now that all of the tickets and customers are in the system, you have reports to track progress! There are multiple tools for reporting, such as seeing employee progress, or the amount of tickets filtered by customer. This is essential to a company, especially if you are tracking the productivity internally and the overall customer experience.
  4. Productivity and efficiency – Do you have employees that you would like to narrow down on what they are doing on a day to day basis? With the tools provided in a help desk platform, you can do this. There are tools to track times, how long it takes to work on a ticket, and when it was closed. This is an important tool to be used internally when rating employee overall performance.

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