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Re-examining Priorities for CIOs & CTOs: A 10-Part Series

In recent times, CIOs and CTOs have had to pivot quickly and strategize efficiently, ensuring their organizations survive in a time heavily reliant on technology. This adaptability kept many organizations going. Those best prepared for digital transformation saw the benefits.  CIOs initially in action mode may have time now to sit down and think about

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e-Workflow Best Practices for CIOs & CTOs: Summary

Our eight-part series on e-workflow practices for CIOs and CTOs offers perspective and topography on how this digital transformation will benefit organizations. Technology and IT teams are the frontrunners when implementing this change using best practices, giving CIOs and CTOs a critical role. While each article offers insight into what e-workflow is, how it works,

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e-Workflow Best Practices for CIOs & CTOs: Game Plan

For CIOs and CTOs, learning all about the best practices for e-workflow lays the groundwork for implementing these systems. With the knowledge you have gained from our series, you can get to work creating and enacting a game plan. To do so, you need to determine your e-workflow goals and timeline, and what metrics you

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