5 Ways SaaS Improves Business Operations

Whether or not you agree that technology has simplified our lives, it has certainly helped our business operations become more productive and efficient, and has allowed many businesses to maintain competitive advantages and to maximize profits. In the last five years, CRM and SaaS technologies have drastically improved the way that businesses operate. Here are 5 ways that SaaS is helping speed up and improve business operations in today’s world:

1) Reduced Time to Financial Value

SaaS can be installed much more quickly than traditional vendor software because it is pre-configured and often stored in the cloud. This allows SaaS applications to be ready to use within several hours of purchase, reducing the amount of time general licensing and contracts would take to begin using the software. The reduced amount of time spent installing SaaS applications generally means more time to work, and less time to achieve a higher ROI.

2) More Affordable

Traditional software licensing can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars; however, the SaaS model allows for an increased customer base, lowering the cost of most applications by over 30%! The money saved by investing in SaaS frees up capital to be spent in other areas of your business.

3) Scalable

As previously mentioned, most SaaS applications are stored in the cloud which makes them much more accessible to businesses. Because SaaS providers carry the responsibility of owning and operating their own servers, SaaS applications are more scalable because purchasing and integrating additional servers at your business location is unnecessary.

4) Customizable

Instead of relying on a traditional software model that would require significant amounts of time to configure for your business or company, SaaS applications are customized specifically to meet a particular business operational need. This means that by teaming up with a SaaS provider, many enterprise businesses are able to quickly improve their business’s productivity. SaaS is carefully tailored to enhance business’s capacity for operational performance.

5) Continuous Innovation

Without SaaS, companies often waste precious time messing with installations and configurations instead of focusing on the day-to-day business needs. With SaaS, companies allow their providers to do what they do best, meaning that they will constantly innovate and enhance the software solutions that are used to improve your company’s productivity and efficiency. Additionally, with SaaS, companies spend less time worrying about bugs to fix, or details they want to improve. All of the improvements are non-intrusive, and take place offsite, allowing businesses to focus on the basics.

There is no question that SaaS has improved enterprise businesses worldwide stay on task, and stick to what they know best.

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