6 Ways to Use Technology in Your Classroom

Technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives, and holds so many benefits for those who know how to use it to their advantage. Through integration of technology in the learning environment, superintendents and IT directors can find new and effective ways to increase the quality of time spent in the classroom.

Because the majority of today’s students have grown up with technology as a part of their daily lives, integration should be easy for the students and enrich their learning experience. Finding new and creative ways to incorporate technology into your classroom and combine it with effective teaching will create an ideal educational environment for you students, encouraging optimal learning of new challenging topics.

Teachers, especially those who have not previously used technology in their classrooms, may need training or education concerning where to begin and how to incorporate technology into their lesson plans.

As the IT director or superintendent of your school district, you can guide them to begin their journey a tech savvy classroom provides, and support them by providing a staffed help desk during school hours.

There are many ways you can use technology in your classroom, including:

  1. Allowing tablets or laptops in the classroom.Since many students carry tablets or laptops, teachers may choose to utilize these devices within the classroom. Personal devices can serve the purpose of allowing students to learn more interactively through access to videos, research, and tutorials.
  2. Using educational apps.Classroom tablets can be outfitted with many useful educational apps. These apps can provide a new and interactive way to teach your students topics with games, note taking, and quizzes.
  3. Utilizing YouTube.Teachers can diversify their lessons by utilizes the wealth of videos available on YouTube. Since you can literally find videos on any topic, the possibilities for integrating YouTube into your classroom are endless. Students can watch lectures, tutorials, or videos created by popular educational websites. Additionally, students can create videos as a project and post it to YouTube to share with peers.
  4. Fostering global interaction.Students today are so fortunate to have the opportunity to use to technology to interact with other students around the world. Through video conferences services such as skype, students can make new friends and learn from classrooms around the world.
  5. Showcasing podcasts.Technology allows for students to have access to podcasts on virtually any topic, and podcast are an excellent way to supplement in-classroom learning. Additionally, students can be encourage in their public speaking skills by assigning a project which requires them to create a podcast of their own.
  6. Collaborating with an interactive online classroom.Teachers can communicate with students and parents using an online classroom. This tool can be used to easily assign homework, share announcements, or communicate important school information.

The opportunities for enhanced learning through the use of technology in classroom are endless. By providing teachers with education on integration of technology as well as providing them with daily support using a help desk, you can play a big role in encouraging the use of technology in every classroom in your district. For ideas on how to use technology in your classroom and incorporate a help desk solution for your school system, please contact GroupLink.

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