Bad News! Poor IT Administration is Costing You Customers!

Is your IT Administration Costing You Customers?

When your clients or customers call in for support and they hear something like “our computers are down”, or “the system is slow today” what message is that sending to those clients who are having problems of their own?

They are relying on you to fix their problems and your Help Desk, IT Administration and Your Company is letting them down! Today’s consumer is accustomed to instant gratification. They click through TV channels looking for immediate laughs or carry on multiple text conversations while eating lunch.

They do not want excuses, they want answers and it is incumbent on you and your Help Desk to provide them what they are looking for.

Are you monitoring things like:

  • Incident Response Times
  • Client or Customer Satisfaction
  • Issues Tracking
  • System “Up Time”
  • Time to Completion

If not, a Help Desk Software Solution from Group Link may be an answer to your IT Administration issues.

A recent article in Tech Target states that “end users are not ready to cut the cord, resist self service IT”.

Your customers don’t want to fix things themselves or wait on hold while your support personnel go searching for answers or get bogged down by your internal systems. They want their issue fixed, now!

On the surface IT Administration may seem like an internal issue but when it impacts your ability to service your customers, it is a much bigger challenge.

Please contact us today and learn how we have helped 100’s of businesses streamline their IT Administration with GroupLink HelpDesk Software and Mobile & Enterprise CRM.

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