Part 3 of 6: Best Free Monitoring & Alerting Software Experience for IT Departments

The Importance of Monitoring and Alerting Software

For IT staff, the integrity of the IT infrastructure is of the utmost importance.

With monitoring and alerting in place, your company can avoid downtime and take proactive measures against interruptions in service. This means better productivity for all of your staff, IT included, and a consistently high-quality experience for your users.

If your IT system is unstable, it is negatively impacting your business. Companies need to be at their very best all the time, and internet technology is a major part of every modern business’s operations.

When you have software in place that will monitor the health of your system, and alert IT staff to any issues, it’s a preventative approach in that technicians will be able to detect and solve problems before they grow unwieldy and damaging. By regularly scanning your network, your hardware, and your software to ensure it is working well, crashes become a thing of the past, and peace of mind is achievable.

What to Look For in Monitoring and Alerting Software

It makes sense to employ monitoring and altering software that does it all, rather than having to use various platforms to scan different components of your system. Software with a comprehensive approach will centralize your monitoring and alerting so it’s all handled at the same time, leaving nothing to chance and nothing left unchecked.

As with any software involving IT management, anything that can be automated and scheduled is ideal, as it removes a manual task from IT staff’s to-do list, allowing more time for other endeavors. Monitoring should be a regular background function, happening all the time without intruding on other IT business unless something alert-worthy is detected. Look for software that will crawl through your network, discovering, mapping, and understanding the system including switches, servers, workstations, and beyond.

If your business is one that uses virtual machines, your monitoring software has to accommodate this type of discovery or you will be missing out on a large portion of the infrastructure that should be included. Look for monitoring and alerting software that includes virtual machines and wireless components to ensure it’s all covered.

UVexplorer and everything HelpDesk

GroupLink everything HelpDesk is an incident management, ticket management and help desk software platform that is highly customizable, easy and intuitive to use, and on top of it all, gives you a free version of the solution! everything HelpDesk becomes the ideal monitoring and alerting software for IT departments when it is integrated with UVexplorer, a plug-in partner technology.

With UVexplorer and everything HelpDesk, IT staff can identify, track, and troubleshoot any problems with their IT infrastructure. This plugin ensures that IT technicians can see not just the devices on your network, but the connections between them, with detailed maps that can assist in pinpointing any connectivity problems to a highly accurate, specific degree. UVexplorer, with everything HelpDesk, works on virtual machines and wireless environments, ensuring an accurate depiction of what’s happening with your IT. The system is easy to automate and auto-detects for monitoring and alerting purposes.

Your IT staff will be notified when devices join the network or change any settings, along with alerts for any other changes, all of which are captured through recorded snapshots. If any critical infrastructure is at risk, the software will send an alert so IT can address it quickly, without having to spend all of their time monitoring the system.

This information can be exported, which works well with everything HelpDesk’s powerful incident tracking and ITSM capabilities.

As a leading provider of IT solutions, we understand that there is only so much room in the IT budget. We also understand how vital it is to have a solid monitoring and alerting system in place, for companies of all sizes and within all industries. That’s why we provide everything HelpDesk as a free option for our clients, with optional upgrades for those who require additional features or more technician licenses.

We believe that our free version of everything HelpDesk is an excellent option for many companies, especially in conjunction with the functionality of UVexplorer as a plug-in. We are happy to showcase how it all works, with our online virtual everything HelpDesk experience, so you can see exactly how this platform can empower your IT staff and improve your business operations.

Because the everything HelpDesk trial is all web-based you do not need to pay for any kind of installation fee or commit to any plan — just fill out the information and we will get you started with a fully functioning version of everything HelpDesk, which you can check out as either a technician user, or an end user. For a more in-depth experience, you can also request a custom demonstration!

Monitor, alert, and catch problems before they grow, with the help of everything HelpDesk.

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