Part 2 of 6: Best Free Ticket Management Software for IT Departments

Why Ticket Management Software Matters

Whether it’s called a Incident Management, Ticket Management, Help Desk or Trouble Ticket solution, a good ticket management software selection can truly transform your business, streamlining your end users’ access to assistance, thereby increasing their productivity on the job. A ticket management system that makes help requests easy will be used by your staff. When their troubles are solved quickly, they are back to work, instead of worrying about lost time.

Tickets are trackable and can be analyzed to determine if there are areas of your business that may need adjustment because the same issues are popping up regularly. Tickets are also a way to manage and prioritize issues, and ensure that equipment, facility and staff problems are fully addressed transparently, without users needing to chase anyone down for help. It’s an organized, simple way to keep track of what needs to get done.

Best Practices for Ticket Management Software

Ticket management software that helps users help themselves is ideal. For your business, seek out ticket management software that is user-friendly and intuitive. The best ticket management software is the one that is actually used, instead of end users trying to navigate problems and errors on their own.

With everything HelpDesk, these best practices are built right into the software. We make it simple for your staff to get help, with software that works anywhere. You can access everything HelpDesk from any device with internet access, including using smartphones and various tablets and/or web browsers. The same holds for IT staff, who can help end users from anywhere, at any time, so long as they are web-connected.

Your ticket management software needs to meet the demand of your end users, regardless of how large your workforce may be. If you have to continually change your plan or upgrade based on the number of end users you may quickly become frustrated, especially if your business is on track for growth (which should be a good thing, not an annoyance!). Look for ticket management software, like GroupLink everything HelpDesk, that is open to an unlimited number of end users. For companies large and small, this ensures that every end user is supported as they should be.

A ticket management system that empowers end users to learn as their issues are resolved is beneficial to all, as staff gain knowledge to handle common issues, and IT technicians can focus more of their efforts on problems that truly require an expert’s assistance. A user knowledgebase puts a focus on self-help where it is appropriate.

Consider the automation capabilities of your ticket management software. Today’s technology enables doing business in a smart way, taking advantage of integrations and automation. Our help desk software features email and calendar integration with most major clients, so both technicians and end users will receive email alerts about tickets and calendar notifications and analysis for creating appointments.

Our email to ticket technology expands on this by converting emails to the help desk ticket format, so users do not have to navigate the ticket system itself to have their issues addressed. You can use our program to automate how tickets are assigned and updated, run automatic reports on a scheduled basis, and otherwise set the system up to give you the information you need exactly when you need it.

When you are looking at the features available as part of a ticket management platform you are considering, make sure that your software of choice is one that fits into your business seamlessly. It should make the ticketing system very accessible and useful for all of your staff, from end users to IT experts. And, given that IT budgets are quite variable, and often an area where staff is expected to accomplish great things with smaller funds, it should be affordable — and in the best case scenario, it should free options. We believe everything HelpDesk does all of that and more!

Try everything HelpDesk For Free

The always-free version of everything HelpDesk comes with one to three technician licenses and supports unlimited end users. It has all of the most commonly needed features of ticket management software, including email-to-ticket functionality, reporting, knowledgebase, custom dashboards, and surveys.

To have ticket management software in the cloud, with network management, asset management, and ticket templates, as well as a larger number of technician licenses, you can upgrade to an affordable paid version of this robust ticket management software. Either way, you can always try the program for free with our online sandbox, allowing you to log into a fully functioning version of the platform and test it as a user or a technician, right in your browser.

You can also request a customized online demonstration — we’re happy to show you the benefits of everything HelpDesk for your specific needs!

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