Enterprise News: Data Analytics Boost the Enterprise Software Market

As data gets cheaper to store and easier to collect, businesses large and small are looking to data analysis for better customer service, better efficacy, and a better bottom line. Today’s enterprise news comes as no surprise, then: Enterprise software has grown 5.5 percent this year thanks largely to rapidly-growing data analysis and delivery markets.

Why Data Analysis Is on the Rise

Although data analysis is clearly useful, it can be difficult to see just how useful is. If used smartly, data collection and analysis can lead to improvements in:

  • Customer service: It’s easy to track how many calls a help desk takes per day, but what about the callers’ experiences? Do calls take a long time? What kinds of calls come in, and could the caller have used an online service instead? Tracking data is vital both in reducing calls to your help desk and in increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Customer retention and engagement: Gone are the days when a simple sales count was all you could track to measure customer engagement. Now you can see who buys from you, whether they’re a repeat customer, and all the contact they’ve had with your company. Customer relationship management is more important than ever to your bottom line, and data analysis is a vital component to CRM.
  • Employee efficiency: How long do your employees take to complete tasks, and where are they wasting their time? Maybe a software interface is difficult to use, so employees opt to call the help desk, wasting their time and your company’s money. If there’s a problem in your company’s processes, good data analysis can detect exactly what is going on.

What This Means for Your Business

Data analysis is gaining steam and proving itself effective for company after company. If you and your company aren’t looking into data analysis to boost your efficiency, you’re setting yourself up to fall behind in the market. If you’re interested in software solutions that use data management to improve your help desk, customer relationships, and referrals, please contact us for more information.

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