Enterprise News From Microsoft Demonstrates Corporate Software Needs

6020157534_9b1835a50b_zRecent enterprise news includes the announcement from Microsoft of its next major operating system, Windows 10. As TechCrunch notes, one thing that will appear (or rather, reappear) in the new version is the familiar old Start button menu, banished from Windows 8 to much consternation from many Windows users. Instead of a Start screen full of tiles, Windows 10 will combine a version of the traditional Start menu with a smaller customizable set of tiles, all reached by clicking on the Start button.

Familiarity vs. Innovation

The confusion Windows created for many users by replacing the Start menu with a full screen set of tiles is indicative of an issue all companies face: trying to balance innovation with customer satisfaction, especially when familiarity is a big component of that satisfaction. Sometimes there really are new and better ways to do things, but customers need help to see and accept something new. On the other hand, change for the sake of change isn’t necessarily good for companies or customers.

Keep in Touch With Customers

Few companies have the same kind of user base as Microsoft has with Windows, but all companies need to keep in touch with their customers and follow the needs and preferences of those customers in order to succeed. A good CRM solution helps to track all customer contacts and information, including feedback from customers about new product offerings. Listening to feedback from customers is vital for business success, and CRM can help track and collate such feedback into useful data for product development and customer service.

Provide Help Fast

On the other hand, when new products or features are released, customers or clients may need some help getting up to speed, even if they are overall satisfied with the new product change. Effective help desk software can make the process of assisting people through new product changes more efficient, saving support time and costs. Helping people accurately and quickly also increases overall customer satisfaction.

Whether your customers are eager to embrace the new and unique or whether they appreciate the proven and familiar, good enterprise software will help you both stay in touch and provide help fast when necessary.  Please contact us for more information about CRM or help desk software solutions.

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