Four Things Everyone Should know About IT Management


You may think you know a lot about IT management; well, let’s make sure. Here are four things that everyone should know about the skills needed to be a great IT manager, stay competitive in an environment of change, and ultimately thrive in your career.

Tech is only part of the job: The first thing to know is that technology is only part of a manager’s job. To be an affective manager in the IT environment, a manager will need the soft or people skills. These include being accountable, building teamwork, and demanding team accountability.
Staff problems need to be addressed ASAP: Especially in the tech environment where workers bring a highly specific skill set, it can be easy to delay addressing employee problems since finding a replacement for an underperforming worker can be a headache. This can be harmful as employees can learn the message that poor work habits, such as lateness, will go unaddressed.
Risk assessment is a key for growth: To thrive in a fast-changing environment, you need to become adept at assessing risk and acting in the best case for the business. A conservative business won’t want to run the risk of being an early adapter of high tech, whereas a less risk-averse enterprise will want to get in on the ground floor. Where does your org fall?
Project management isn’t enough: Many IT managers leverage project management skills to jumpstart their careers. Yet over the long run, project management is a highly replaceable skill. IT managers will have more leverage and growth in their careers if they can learn program management and build strong, lasting relationships with staff members. Above all, communication in the workplace is a key skill that IT managers may have to work at developing.

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