How Organized, Automated IT Ticketing Will Improve Your IT Department

As the manager or supervisor of an IT department you know that your user communities depend on your ability to respond to their service requests on a timely basis. Today’s businesses and other organizations depend on their IT systems to keep them going. When computers or the internet is down everything grinds to a halt and businesses lose money.

Zip Codes May Move the Mail, but IT Service Keeps Everyone Working

When Zip Codes were first introduced, the U.S. Postal Service took great pride in declaring that “Mail moves the country, zip codes move the mail.” You know that IT systems make businesses work and your IT support department keeps all the wheels of business turning. Without a well-designed and well-implemented IT ticketing system you can spend many sleepless nights trying to keep everyone working on the right things at the right time.

Elements of an Organized and Automated Ticketing System

Many ticketing and issues tracking systems are a hodge-podge of spreadsheets, word documents, old manuals and ideas that were created out of necessity with very little forethought. They likely have little or no documentation and the people who designed them are no longer available.

A well-designed ticketing system needs the following elements:

  • 100% Availability from anywhere and any device – users and technicians need access to the tickets 24 x 7 x 365
  • Seamless integration with calendars and email systems – there should be virtually no additional effort required to access tickets from online calendars and the corporate mail systems
  • Ability to automatically convert and email into a ticket and automatically load it into the tracking software –
  • Based on preset parameters, tickets are automatically assigned to the next qualified agent

Build or Buy?

Creating and implementing a comprehensive system for tracking help desk tickets is a daunting task. The solution created by Group Link has all the features noted above plus these very important elements:

  • Intuitive user interface – you don’t want your technicians spend their time explaining how to submit or track tickets – you want them solving problems
  • Expandable to an unlimited number of users
  • World class customer service – Quick Link uses its own product to support it global customer data base with support of multiple languages
  • Ability to created automated workflows for tracking and reporting on tickets
  • Automatic and customizable reporting system
  • Bulk and mass tickets updating – save time by “group updating” times, contacts, assignments, statuses, etc.
  • Customizable dashboards to allow technicians and managers to create their own views of the centralized tickets data base. Each user decides what is important to them and add the widgets they want to see

Eliminate Stress

If it’s true that IT departments are what really makes our society function, then procuring a well-designed and well-supported IT help desk solution like everything HelpDesk® is the “zip code” behind the IT department.

Eliminating backlogs of IT support tickets and frustrated users while maximizing support resources will keep your organization running smoothly. Just as “neither rain, nor sleet, nor hail can stop the U.S. Mail,” “automated help desks eliminate IT department stress.”

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