IT Infrastructure Costs Out of Control or Systems Out of Date

Are your IT Infrastructure costs in line with others in your industry? Are you at a competitive disadvantage due to rising IT costs?

How much did the recent Heartbleed Virus cost your company?

According to an article in CloudFare and a follow on article in Silicon Angle, the recent Heartbleed Invasion resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in hidden costs.

This is just the most recent example of how the hidden costs of your IT Infrastructure can put your company at a competitive disadvantage.

Is your staff spending an inordinate amount of time “fixing” old systems with little or no time left for developing new applications or researching ways to leverage the “information” in your systems?

Every time there is a cyber attack, the hidden costs of your IT Systems go up. You may be surprised to learn how many people in your IT department are focused on security issues and even more surprised to learn how many people are supporting legacy systems like internal CRM systems that have become more and more difficult to maintain.

The Mobile & Enterprise CRM Solutions from Group Link are designed to Integrate with Your Existing Infrastructure. With the proper planning, they can be “plug and play” additions to your existing environment. Your support costs go down and your IT staff is freed up to focus on ways to improve your competitive position in the market place.

Their everything HelpDesk software can also provide you with cost savings and improved customer service.

If you are looking to reduce the costs associated with Help Desk Support or Customer Relationship Management, Contact Group Link today at 801.335.0700.

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