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This week’s Enterprise news and articles from popular technology magazines are reporting on quite a lot of upcoming and recently announced products by Enterprise Businesses Microsoft and Google.

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Microsoft launched a new project to help Enterprise Businesses Improve their DevOp practices. DevOp is a new line of thinking that taps into something that should have been obvious. When developers and system operations people work together, sharing information, the products they create are much better. The two systems and multiple ideas behind products do not work against each other. When everything is working together and everyone is on the same page, better products are produced and made.


At Google’s 2015 I/O conference Google has announced a number of new products. Two products are definitely worth keeping and eye on. Both heavily involve making and working with images.

Google Jump

Google’s interest in images and virtual reality has led them to virtual reality film making. GoPro is on board as the first major camera to be used in what is a complete film making process, though Google feels that any camera can be used. GoPro is just the first camera that will work particularly well with later aspects of the film making process.

The Google Jump package consists of the camera rig, software to help with all the film processes, and a player to run the virtual film on. Google has teamed up with Youtube so getting material online and watching virtual films will be much easier. Google is going for larger accessibility with this new system.

Google Photos

Google has also launched Google Photos. This project focuses on photo management, which for most of us is still a huge issue. Google Photos does more than just store your photos. It can tag objects within photos, compress your photos, and aid in searching for photos to get to them more quickly and efficiently. It doesn’t work 100% of the time, but it is working well.

For the creator in us all, Google Photos has added Auto-awesome. This program aid will help the creator automatically take similar shots and events and put them together in new ways that include video and slide shows.

Specifically For Women in Business

Just a heads up for smaller business operators: a conference is coming up soon. Women Business Enterprise Certification is offering a new training workshop for Women in Business that will be held at Morehead State University on Thursday June 11, 2015. The workshop will run from 1–3 pm. at MSU at Prestonsburg’s Postsecondary Building, room 116, 6 Bert T. Combs Drive.

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