Revitalized IT Project Management: An 8-part Series

As technologies change and expand, and users place increasing demands on the tech an organization employs, it is increasingly important to have strong IT project management practices in place. IT project management spans the planning, organization, responsibilities, and management of any IT or systems related projects, so that these goals are ultimately successful. Just as tech has evolved, IT project management needs to evolve and revitalize to overcome challenges and achieve identified objectives.

Real, tangible benefits come from revitalizing IT project management practices to align them with what the organization really needs to be successful and competitive. The Harvard Business Review studied IT change initiatives, their budgets, and estimated benefits with actual costs and results. In the end, the average budget overrun was 27 percent, with a number of case studies showing huge cost and schedule overruns beyond that. Their suggestion to smart managers is to break projects down into manageable sizes, carefully overhauling tech systems with an eye to the risks involved. 

That is exactly what modern project management does, also backed up by real data. A report from the Project Management Institute shows that ninety percent of global senior executives rank project management methods as critical, or at least somewhat important, to their ability to deliver successful projects and remain competitive. The bottom line — IT project management is a critical part of your organizational success, and to be its best, project management needs to evolve with every other change your company makes.

With this series, we will help you dive into revitalizing your own IT project management, with examples, strategies, advice, and the specific goals, metrics, and timelines you might want to use. Follow along to see what revitalized IT project management can do for you!

Revitalized IT Project Management: What Is It? Why Revitalize?

Nobody wants to take on the work of changing a business system or process for no reason. And, as anyone in IT knows, having buy-in on all levels is key to making any kind of real change. The first article in our series will clarify the purpose of re-evaluating and revitalizing your IT project management, showing exactly why your organization needs to take this step.

Revitalized IT Project Management: Getting Started – Examples

Seeing how others have navigated big changes is helpful in determining your own path, and inshowing stakeholders that change is both possible, and positive. Here we will show you a handful of examples of various organizations’ approaches to revitalizing their own IT project management, and the results of each.

Revitalized IT Project Management: Relying on Old Dogs – or on New Tricks?

Here, we will help your project teams develop a fresh perspective with revitalized IT project management. We will talk about adjusted metrics, and the potential uses of new tools to regenerate enthusiasm and vision for the organization. Put together, these ‘new tricks’ work to enhance culture and teams, which we will also explore.

Revitalized IT Project Management: Overcoming Obstacles

With any change or shift in approach, there will be obstacles to overcome. This part of the series will cover common obstacles in revitalizing IT project management, with research into and examples of how to overcome these issues. 

Revitalized IT Project Management: Baby Steps and Celebrating Successes

You do not have to tackle every aspect of revitalized IT project management all at once! With this article we will explore how other organizations have taken baby steps toward change, and how those seemingly small shifts are well worth celebration given their impact on the overall success of the organization. 

Revitalized IT Project Management: Game Plan

With all of the explanations and background information in place, here we will help CIOs and CTOs put their teams’ ideas into specific goals, metrics and timelines. A solid game plan can make a big difference between struggle and success, and we are here to help you craft a strategy that works. 

Revitalized IT Project Management: Summary

Putting it all together, we will go over the key things to know about revitalized IT project management, why it is important, and how to enact this change in approach with the least amount of stress and the highest potential for success.

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We are looking forward to exploring the potential for revitalizing IT project management with you — make sure you are following along as we dig in deeper to this important topic. Coming up next: Revitalized IT Project Management: What Is It? Why Revitalize? For any other IT need, or if you have any questions or want more information, get in touch. Give us a call at 801.335.0700 or contact us online.

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