How Support Teams Can Put an End to Micromanagement

Micromanagement is a style most managers would like to avoid. It demotivates staff, frustrates progress and ultimately breeds under-performance.

As a help desk or support manager, it is very tempting to insert yourself into the detail work of your staff. You feel ultimately responsible for issue resolution, assets, resources, and much more. It’s not hard to see how micromanagement can take over.

Fortunately, some well-implemented tools can help overcome that persistent desire to focus on non-essential priorities.

Automate Tasks

Micromanagement often happens when managers feel like they have lost control over a growing list of important tasks. These details often involve repetitive tasks which can be easily automated. They can then focus on the wider issues.

For example, reports often require the same data sources presented to the same people on a regular schedule. A good help desk software allows technicians and managers to schedule reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis drawing from predetermined data sources and have these reports automatically delivered to selected recipients. It also helps when the report is easy to read as interactive charts and graphs.

Another example is automating workflow tasks and routine projects. A workflow enabled help desk provides automated structures, such as launching multiple tasks (which may be assigned to separate individuals) in sequence, to launching reports as tasks are completed.

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Live Dashboards

Micromanagement is also very tempting when a manager loses sight over the details in their department. They can feel the need to get involved in each task or incident and may constantly want a status update or take over completely.

Many organizations track success through key performance indicators (KPIs). Support teams should want to set goals and track performance such as ensuring no ticket is unanswered within 24 hours or maintain a 95% end user satisfaction rate. Find a help desk with live dashboards which allow customizable overviews. Dashboards can show you exactly what you want to stay informed on.


Being a manager isn’t always a glamorous job and definitely not an easy one. Don’t let micromanagement overtake what will make your organization or department exceptional. Use a robust help desk platform to stay informed and empower staff so everyone can do their job and most likely enjoy it!

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