The Help Desk of the Future

The world is constantly evolving in business and technology. Teleworking has quadrupled over the past decade allowing agencies to save on office and utility costs while employee satisfaction improves. The increasing mobile workforce also places an interesting challenge in supporting the technology required with a growing number of assets and concern for informational security.

Taken from an article by, these are 4 characteristics in creating the IT help desk of the future:

1. Mobile strategy

CIOs and IT leaders must examine how current trends in the digital workforce will impact the government’s use of technology in the future. Employees will need secure and seamless access to their work environment to provide essential services to citizens, forcing decision makers to allocate dollars to accommodate a more mobile and accessible work environment.

2. Customer Service

In order to provide exceptional customer service to citizens, government employees must also receive the same level of support from their IT help desk — and that help includes prompt resolution to mobile problems.  To meet the needs of government employees, the IT help desk must be available to provide support on-demand to ensure satisfactory levels of connectivity.

3. IT Skills

In addition to supporting the wide assortment of mobile devices the government workforce is using, technical support teams must be up to speed on evolving technologies such as cloud computing, and on bring-your-own-device,  privacy, security and storage issues. IT support staff can longer just respond to incidents as they occur; they must also be innovative in identifying new ways to streamline operations, cut costs and better serve their customers as quickly as possible. Agencies must plan for education costs to train their IT staff so that they will be up to date on the latest technological advances.

4. Dedicated Mobile Support

IT departments can benefit by having a central group that oversees the administration of mobile devices to more quickly provide specialized assistance to mobile users.  The expanding universe of mobile apps will also require support. According to Statista, the number of mobile app downloads is projected to reach 253.91 billion by 2016. This growth will likely cause an increase in the number of support tickets for IT help desk staff.

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