Tips for Techs: Mobilize with a Cloud Based Help Desk

If you are like every other IT Professional in the world, you enjoy the new found freedom of being able to access your systems from anywhere and at any time. A cloud-based help desk allows you to access your organizations’ ticket tracking system using whatever mobile device you choose. With the move towards BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), most organizations now allow you to use your personal phone, tablet, or laptop to access internal networks and clouds.

Whether your cloud is private, public or a blended hybrid cloud, you can easily access the information you need in a secure and safe manner. Your user community can also use mobile devices to access a cloud-based help desk to create and monitor the status of their support tickets.

IT Professionals around the globe in every type and size of organization can benefit with a cloud-based help desk. Far too valuable time is wasted with manual and spreadsheet-based ticket tracking systems.

The Cloud-Based Help Desk from GroupLink

The everything HelpDesk® software suite includes this ability to remotely access support tickets in both an on-premises-based systems and a cloud-based system. It is most useful when deployed in a cloud because IT personnel spend virtually no time maintaining the system of the underlying architecture the software runs on.

The 100% web-based implementation is accessible via Internet Explorer®, Mozilla® Firefox®, Google Chrome™, Apple® Safari® and other popular browsers. The software includes an intuitive and easy to use interface for the ultimate user experience.

Since well over 90% of business users use their mobile phone to access the corporate intranet, with a large majority of them using an everything iPhone, iPod touch®, or Android, GroupLink develop a specialized interface for each device taking advantage of the internal workings of the device. Users can quickly create, modify, and update incident tickets directly from their mobile device with a custom-designed interface that is natural and smooth. The Group Link implementation also allows users to call in or email a support request directly from their phone that is automatically converted into a ticket and entered into the help desk management software.

Automate Knowledge Based Help Desk

Once the decision is made to implement a cloud-based help desk, additional benefits become apparent. If your help desk environment is like too many others in the world, you are still tracking tickets with spreadsheets of some kind of database. Unfortunately most IT departments are low on the budget totem pole and non-IT personnel don’t fully understand the value of automated routine tasks.

With everything HelpDesk®, that all changes because you can automate the entire support ticket workflow including mass updates, routinely moving tickets to the most qualified support engineer available and providing updates to users.

You can even create a knowledge base of answers to frequently asked questions that allow users to search for and find the answers with no support personnel involved.

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