Virtually Replace Your Emails and Spreadsheets with This One Tool

Like so many organizations, you probably have a lot of people running their own little “IT Systems” outside of the main environment. Frustrated by the inflexibility of many legacy systems, users went off and created their own way of managing their portion of a business. You probably have department and branch managers who have learned how to use pivot tables and other sophisticated components of spreadsheets to create all sorts of fancy reports, charts and graphs.

Some IT departments who “should know better” even use spreadsheets to manage their help desk or user support ticketing systems. Incredible as it seems, the IT Help Desk is often one of the last business processes that IT senior management looks to automate. We are not sure why this phenomenon exists, we just know that it does, because we see many relatively large companies still running their support desks using emails, spreadsheets, and simplified databases.

GroupLink Software to the Rescue

Several years ago, we at GroupLink decided to do something about it and created an application that is specifically designed, from the ground up, to automate the help desk. We wanted to streamline the process, make it easier for users to send in their support requests, automate the many routine functions like mass updates, provide automatic routing based on skill set required and technician availability, and much more. We set out to eliminate the confusion and frustration inherent in most manual, email or spreadsheet-based help desk systems.

Professional Software Developers

GroupLink has now developed several industry leading software packages including ContactWise® CRMeReferrals,GroupLinkMDM™ – Mobile Device Management, and everything HelpDeskeverything HelpDesk® v11.0 brings your help desk process into the 21st century with a rich set of features including the ability to completely replace a system based on placing support tickets into different folders or managing cumbersome spreadsheets that have probably evolved over time and really don’t work that well any more.

everything HelpDesk features include:

  • Automatic Email to Ticket Conversion– our software automatically converts emails into help desk tickets based on the email addresses you create.
  • Cross Platform Solution – everythingHelpDesk runs on Mac OS®, Windows®, Linux®, and Novell. Because the software is written in Java®, it runs on any server where Java is installed and the system is accessible from any browser.
  • Ease of Use – the software was designed from the ground up to accommodate users in virtually any environment. Anyone who can open a browser, can use the software to submit a ticket. The “all in one” ticket submission module allows help desk teams to quickly and easily prioritize and escalate tickets
  • Email and Calendar Integration –one of the features our customers appreciate the most is the ability to automatically link support tickets with Outlook®/Exchange, GroupWise®, and SMTP-based calendar systems (Gmail™, Yahoo! ®, Hotmail®, etc.) Technicians and users submit automatic notifications when tickets are generated or updated.

Contact us today to learn how you can replace your email and spreadsheet-based help desk system with a 21st-century solution.

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