Work-from-Home and e-Workflow Tools Provided at No Cost

A Utah-based SaaS company, GroupLink® Corporation, is doing all it can to provide free use of it’s cloud tools to help schools and businesses beat the Covid-19 crisis.

Salt Lake City, UT — 16 March 2020 — GroupLink® Corporation, a leading solutions-based software provider serving hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, today announced an update relating to the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 outbreak and how it is helping its customers thrive during this crisis.

The key to this announcement is that GroupLink provides no-cost use of GroupLink cloud-solutions to new organizations for the pandemic situation and for 4 months beyond the lockdown. Additionally, current GroupLink customers can add to their current license count also at no additional cost during this time.

Organizations throughout the US and abroad have already taken advantage of GroupLink’s offer for the free use of its cloud-based e-workflow and Work From Home (WFH) solutions. These organizations include everything from public schools (e.g., K-12 schools) to Universities, to industrial companies to government organizations (e.g., city and state government entities).

These customer organizations are using GroupLink’s e-workflow and WFH tools (in multiple departments) to increase their efficiency, collaboration, and accountability, while applying features and benefits such as Email and Calendar Integration, Email-to-Ticket/Incident Automation, Business Process Automation, Templates for Recurring or Ad-Hoc Incidents, Ability to Delegate and/or Auto Assign Incidents, Incident Escalation and Service Level Agreement (SLA) Ability, Reporting with True Business Intelligence and Scheduled Automatic Reports, Dashboard View for Oversight and Team Views, Self-Help Knowledgebase, and a Customizable User Interface.

Kathryn Thomas, Director of Customer Success at  GroupLink offers this encouragement: “GroupLink is honored to make these benefits available to more members of its customers’ organizations and to non-customers during this crisis – to help them keep their operations running smoothly, while most are working from home or are physically dispersed teams.

“We know how difficult these times are, and millions of companies out there are currently transitioning to WFH or remote working. We want to be a vital tool for organizations striving to become fully operational and who want to continue to make an impact on the work they do,” she added. 

End-user organizations and GroupLink customers have expressed their enthusiasm for this helping-hand from a trusted partner.  “The current global health crisis is causing a major shift in the way most if not all organizations (private, public, legal, government, etc.) must conduct operations,” said Eliot Lanes, a GroupLink user and technology partner based in Orlando, FL. “At this point, no one can determine how long this will last, and what ‘normal’ will be once the crisis is over.  Leveraging products and platforms from our partners such as GroupLink, we have been providing solutions and cloud services to allow access from anywhere at any time with ultra-strong identity-based security for many years. This situation has definitely highlighted and even created a greater need for these services. Our hope is that knowing there are robust and mature solutions readily available that were not just whipped together in a hurry to meet an emerging need, will provide the peace of mind leaders and administrators need to stay focused, positive, and confident that business can continue while also staying at home and taking care of their loved ones.”

GroupLink’s CEO, Dave Turner, has expressed his thoughts on the current situation. “While we are happy to know that more customers are enjoying our products, we are also inspired by stories of how GroupLink has made an impact on them through our platform to help them navigate through their work and their business […] The impact is more than where people work. This has also changed how we work and how we execute our work in a totally new space especially during these uncertain times. Leaders have an opportunity to see the value of WFH or remote working where their employees can take on responsibilities and navigate successfully the same way they do in an office setting. We want to be there for our customers and help make WFH or remote working a pleasant and highly productive experience,” he ended.

For more information, GroupLink can be contacted at or 801-742-8386 or

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GroupLink Corporation services hundreds of thousands of end-users from its US headquarters near Salt Lake City, Utah. Whether deployed for K-12, Higher Education, Government, or other commercial organizations, GroupLink’s world-class, best-practices Help Desk, CRM, Workflow Process & Incident Tracking and SafestSchools software solutions feature key integration with Microsoft, Linux and Apple/Mac environments and help customers automate and add intelligence to business processes, enhance profitability, and lower total cost of ownership.

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