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Network Asset Discovery with Explorer™ (powered by UVexplorer)

What It Does

  • Discovers all network devices, including printers, servers, switches, and more
  • Provides detailed analysis of the network and connected devices, including network connection information, system information, and more
  • Discovers inventory details for every IP device on the network, including wireless and virtual components
  • Imports all or selected discovered devices into everything HelpDesk's internal asset tracker


  • Detailed discovery of individual IP devices
  • Location of IP/MAC addresses throughout network, including port connectivity
  • Integration with everything HelpDesk
  • A single local install can discover all IP devices
  • Optional upgrade to fully-functional version, which includes scheduled discoveries, executive level reports, topology mapping, and more


  • Discover network devices
  • Import discovered assets
  • Tie assets to help desk tickets
  • Remote control an asset from within a ticket
  • Build reports of trouble assets
  • Track vendors
  • Create canned reports
  • Save technicians time by automating processes
  • Simplify network management by providing visibility into your IT infrastructure
  • Gather all physical and virtual device details in one place