Highlighted Benefits​

The ContactWise® CRM team is dedicated to ensure that your organization is equipped with the best software solutions possible. Most all of our CRM packages include a training portion that will ensure that everyone in your organization knows how the software works. We also offer business consultation which will focus on tailoring the software to your unique organizational tracking and reporting needs that may be adapted to changes at any time.

Maximize your sales team productivity. Finally, you can save time and stop having to check two calendars and two email systems with ContactWise CRM. ContactWise CRM seamlessly integrates with your email infrastructure, whether it is Novell® GroupWise®, or Microsoft® Outlook® 2000-2010 (system requirements). With this integration, you can import GroupWise or Outlook email messages directly into your CRM database. Integrate your other third party application information through Enterprise Web Services development. Company infrastructure integration has never been easier.

Our team focuses on giving you immediate payback from your CRM investment. We understand that when your organization has dedicated time and money to get up and running with a powerful CRM solution that this dedication needs to be reciprocated from our team. You can feel comforted that the ContactWise CRM team will provide you with the means to see the application match your business processes and work in your own personal work environment. You can be confident the time, effort and investment you put into ContactWise CRM will maximize your profitability and provide immediate dividends to your organization’s customer relationship management (CRM) goals.

Using the ContactWise CRM reporting utility enables users to run or create detailed reports from data within the ContactWise CRM application. This gives managers and users the ability to quickly run reports to efficiently track and monitor valuable sales, opportunities, customer information, etc.

Your customer data is precious, so why leave it open for anyone within your organization to take, edit or destroy? Enable ContactWise® CRM security to ensure your data is safe 24/7 by creating user login privileges. Now you have the ability to create your own access control list (ACL).

Although staying on top of your sales pipeline is difficult, it is critical to do what is necessary to ensure valuable customers or deals do not fall through the cracks. ContactWise CRM comes equipped with a mass email utility to enable you to send personalized email messages to hundreds or thousands of contacts simultaneously.

Integrate your ContactWise CRM database with the BlackBerry® enabled MobileCRM™ BlackBerry Edition. This edition allows you to access, input, and edit valuable data quickly and efficiently on your BlackBerry mobile device while out of the office. You can also increase your efficiency on the road with easy contact address searches, quick history note storage of correspondence, and fast calendar access. GroupLink MobileCRM® works with the iPhone®, Windows® mobile devices, BlackBerry devices, and more.

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