For over 20 years, ContactWise® CRM has helped businesses of various sizes spanning across many industries manage business-critical information. From sales to marketing to customer service, ContactWise CRM helps your team to be more productive. You can now have the same great benefits of ContactWise while on the go with your mobile device by using MobileCRM.

MobileCRM is a native phone application with real-time access to your CRM database. It will allow you stay connected and better maintain your critical contact information. By implementing this mobile solution you can increase productivity and become more profitable.

MobileCRM may be utilized within many industries by users with a variety of business positions, including:

Sales Executive

  • Close more business by keeping up with important sales information while away from the office, eliminating downtime while increasing productivity
  • Delight your current and potential customers/clients as you are always prepared with their information at your fingertips
  • Respond and react with your customers’ valuable data including sales opportunity information, history notes, and individual contact information directly from your mobile phone

Project Manager

  • Increase productivity at the project site by effectively communicating between office and onsite visits with real-time data exchange
  • Manage milestones with MobileCRM to ensure meeting critical deadlines
  • Constantly access project feedback, service claims, and enhancement requests into project management meetings using MobileCRM

Training Executive

  • Increase training efficiency with instant access to organizational and project data including past communication
  • Pinpoint exact needs and customer requests during training events with increased organization
  • Be prepared with important client information as you meet their training needs

Constituent Management

  • Solve community and constituent issues quickly and efficiently with on-hand access to information regarding past and present issues
  • View public opinion for certain legislative bills and criteria and review the history of past bills and resolutions
  • Save valuable time and money tracking legislative issues and maximizing constituent loyalty using MobileCRM

Highlighted Benefits

By using MobileCRM you give your mobile force an advantage to be able to stay current with their correspondence, communication and pertinent information which increases productivity and reduces individual sales cost by eliminating downtime and maximizing sales opportunities.

Access and update your contacts’ and leads’ critical data including history notes, sales opportunity information, and individual contact information with real-time mobile access to your ContactWise CRM database.

By using MobileCRM users gain 24/7 access to critical client calendaring information on the go with wireless access to your GroupWise or Outlook calendar. Never miss another appointment again!

Easily find contact addresses on the go while utilizing MobileCRM and your GPS to get turn by turn directions to maximize your sales time while on the road.

Integrate your MobileCRM application with your GroupWise®, Outlook®, or other email client to be able to immediately send and receive valuable contact correspondence on your BlackBerry device while away from the office.

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