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Access everything HelpDesk from any web-enabled device including many smartphones. This fully web based help desk is supported on Internet Explorer®, Mozilla® Firefox®, Google Chrome™, Apple® Safari® and other web browsers. Increase the efficiency of your IT staff by giving them access to the web help desk anytime anywhere they have an internet connection. Give your end users an easy yet intuitive experience with this web help desk software that they will actually use!

Integrate your help desk with Explorer, a network discovery solution. Explorer discovers all network devices, including printers, servers, switches, and more. This solution also provides detailed analysis of the network and connected devices, including network connection information, system information, and more. Additionally, import discovered devices into <em>everything</em> HelpDesk’s asset tracker to track the assets and incidents associated with each. <a href=”″>Try Explorer free today!</a>

Effectively manage your hardware and software inventory and the clients to which they are assigned. Import your assets directly into the help desk using <a href=”″>Explorer</a&gt; or import from a spreadsheet. Tie these assets to help desk tickets and create reports based on these trouble tickets giving you the ability to calculate warranty and lease end dates, manage downtime of assets and negotiate with vendors based on how frequently assets are having trouble. Use the built-in help desk asset tracker across multiple departments and locations. <em>everything</em> HelpDesk also features powerful integration with ZENworks, the premier asset management software.

Assign help desk tickets automatically based on location, category, category option, and more. Determine the technician that should be assigned to each ticket based on skill set, work load, schedule and other factors. Help desk tickets can be routed to the ticket pool and assigned by management to technicians or selected by the technicians as they become available.

<em>everything</em> HelpDesk is designed to store its information on a wide array of SQL databases for powerful database relationships: <a href=”″>View Supported Databases</a>.

Create an automated structure with workflow. Set up tickets to launch in sequence, one task to launch when the previous task has closed, or launch multiple tickets simultaneously. With workflow <em>everything</em> HelpDesk is more than a help desk, it is also a project management and incident management solution.

Stay one step ahead of your business processes and routine tasks with ticket templates. Use the schedule calendar utility to schedule routine tasks or business processes to run daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. The utility can also be used to schedule tasks to run on a specific date, as well as reoccur for a specific number of times and during an identified time range. Each of these tasks, which can be assigned to a predetermined technician, as well as span multiple departments, is a separate ticket with step by step instructions for completing business processes. Plus, <em>everything</em> HelpDesk gives you the ability to tie assets to these tickets, track any needed repairs or comments in the history record of the ticket and attach images, pictures or files directly to the ticket. These features make <em>everything</em> HelpDesk the ideal service desk solution for business process automation and to use as preventative maintenance software or facilities management software.

Use this fully web based service desk solution no matter what platform you are tied to, even mixed environments. This solution runs smoothly on Mac OS®, Windows®, Linux® and Novell. Being written in Java®, the help desk runs on any server with Java 5 installed. To access the web based help desk, you only need a web browser. No applets, Flash®, or other plug-ins are required.

Give management the ability to gauge real-time performance with dashboards. With <em>everything</em> HelpDesk, you can create customized dashboards based on saved trouble ticket filters. This will help identify trends so you can quickly respond to critical process issues including work order management, incident management, ticket tracking and others. Choose the gauges and dials you want to display your key performance indicators (KPIs) and easily arrange and customize the look of the dashboard to your preference.

Authenticate unlimited users through LDAP using Microsoft®’s Active Directory®, Novell®’s Directory Services (eDirectory™), or Apple’s Open Directory, ensuring instant user authentication from a central repository.

Ensure that your end users will use the <em>everything</em> HelpDesk with the intuitive, easy to use, web based ticket submission form. The submission form displays required and customized fields and can be modified based on your organization’s needs. This all in one incident management software solution and its simple yet powerful ticket submission form gives you the ability to prioritize and escalate tickets, automate your business processes and support multiple departments.

Lower your total overall costs (TCO) by leveraging a truly integrated service desk. everything HelpDesk features essential integration with Outlook®/Exchange, Office365, Azure, GroupWise® and Google modern authenticating email clients. Technicians receive notification when a ticket is submitted while end users receive notifications of ticket updates, ticket changes or ticket completion. The Outlook/Exchange, GroupWise and Google integration also allows technicians to schedule appointments and perform busy searches of end users’ calendars.

Decrease the amount of time your end users spend submitting a ticket with the simple email to ticket functionality. The full service help desk software automatically converts an email to a help desk ticket from the email address or addresses that you create in your current email system.

From your ticket screen, as well as any ticket results screen, you can export the list of tickets and/or reports to PDFs and Excel Spreadsheets. This allows you to email these reports to bosses or colleagues, as well as use the loved Excel functions to manipulate your ticket lists and reports.

The main ticket screen view of <em>everything</em> HelpDesk is 100% customizable. You can make, name, and order your own unique tabs utilizing your own saved Ticket Filters as engines. Display the ticket properties you desire: estimated completion date, contact, survey results, location, status, and much more. Not to mention your custom fields! Unlike many other service desk solutions, <em>everything</em> HelpDesk will not force you to use their pre-defined default views of tickets and ticket management. With <em>everything</em> HelpDesk, you are the boss! <em>everything</em> HelpDesk also bolds new request tickets, just like your email client, for efficient ticket management and prioritization. Also, incident tickets are uniquely flagged when an update is made by the end user or another technician or manager.

View <em>everything</em> HelpDesk in multiple languages including German, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and others. Give your technicians and end users the ability to submit and modify tickets in their language. All aspects of the help desk can be viewed in these languages including ticket submission, reports, Knowledgebase, ticket searches, surveys and more.

<em>everything</em> HelpDesk has an interface that is specifically designed for the iPhone, iPod touch®, and Android. It enables you to quickly create, modify, and update incident tickets directly from your mobile device. The interface is designed to feel natural and flawlessly smooth to your touch. It also has powerful features that allow you to call or email ticket contacts directly from the ticket with the touch of your finger.

The mass ticket update feature is designed to stop wasting time updating tickets one at a time. Better manage your ticket loads by updating things like ticket work time, contact, assignments, statuses, even history comments, and more. You can update one property at a time or multiple properties all in one pass. <em>everything</em> HelpDesk also allows for better incident management with the ability to link the same type of incident tickets to one parent ticket!

Leverage your help desk ticketing system across multiple departments. <em>everything</em> HelpDesk can be customized to fit the needs of many departments within an organization including IT, Human Resources, Facilities, Maintenance and more. This will save your organization the time and money of purchasing a separate solution for each department. Create groups and intelligently route tickets to the correct department and technician in each department based on the technician’s expertise.

The built-in reporting tool allows you to create easy yet powerful graphical reports (HTML or PDF), no third party solution necessary! The reporting tool gives you key performance indicators (KPIs) which show technician performance, technician workloads, areas that need improvements or are problematic, tickets by locations, end users that may need extra help or training, and what issues are most problematic. Use these reports to improve your organization and justify to management the costs associated with your staff. Create and report on your own custom fields. Boolean operators give you precision data mining power for your business intelligence. Name, Save, and Save As functions provide private and public filters and reports unique to you or your entire team.

Also, exclusive to <em>everything</em> HelpDesk are Scheduled Automatic Reports. Have your custom reports set on a scheduled recurrence pattern to automatically run and email your boss, and any other individuals you desire, in time for your weekly meetings. Reports now come to you, with the correct numbers and on time, as if your administrative assistant slaved all day to produce them. No more number crunching right before meetings!

Reduce end user incident requests with the self-help Knowledgebase. Key information is collected and stored in the Knowledgebase, decreasing future support costs on an ongoing basis. Knowledgebase articles are accessible by technicians and end users and can be set up to be private or public and viewed only by the people you allow. <em>everything</em> HelpDesk’s Knowledgebase features the ability to perform a Google-like search of help desk articles that you can create and customize. Plus, convert closed incident tickets into Knowledgebase articles.

Increase end user satisfaction with configurable surveys. Surveys can be launched based on any category options you want. The help desk surveys are launched once a ticket is closed and provide you with valuable feedback on the end user experience. Powerful reports can be run on the survey results, giving you an overall view of your customer service.

To help you create and maintain your Service Level Agreements (SLAs), <em>everything</em> HelpDesk uses the scheduler to create automatic ticket escalation and routing based on things like priority, status, and elapsed time frames from either created dates or modified dates of the ticket. You can automatically change the status or priority of certain tickets or send out custom emails if a certain ticket matches your outlined criteria. Each one of these Service Level Agreements (or tasks) can be run or stopped at anytime in the system for easy management.

Never worry about the number of users that submit incident tickets. With <em>everything</em> HelpDesk, an unlimited number of end users can log and track incidents, check status, edit their own details and search the online Knowledgebase via any browser.

Save money on your help desk software with free training and consultation services from GroupLink®. GroupLink prides itself on great customer service. With a retention rate of over 90%, you can rest assured that you will be taken care of. By purchasing <em>everything</em> HelpDesk, you are purchasing more than a software package; you receive a complete service solution.

Experience the first ZENworks integrated service desk solution, <em>everything</em> HelpDesk. The help desk features integration with this powerful and effective software and hardware asset management solution. With this integration you can search ZEN assets directly from help desk tickets, run and save reports grouped by ZENworks assets, tie ZEN assets to help desk tickets, and <a href=”″>more.</a&gt;

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