Organizational Self-Service Portal

Self-service portal

GroupLink’s newly released Self-Service Portal (SSP) module enables automation of service requests within an organization to automate and simplify processes across various departments. Whether you’re a city, county, K12 school district, university or just about any other type of organization, our Self-Service Portal can help your department perform more tasks in less time, whether you’re in IT, Finance, Safety, etc.

Here are some key features of the Self-Service Portal:

Quick Submission
Various requestor users of the SSP can quickly submit details of their requests using nested dropdown categories and options.

Automatic Routing
SSP request workflows allow for ongoing delegation, routing, accountability and resolution with the relevant department or person.

Rapid Resolution
Performance metrics and related safeguards built within the eWorkflow features of the system (promoting accountability, SLA and audit integrity) make it possible to commend and incentivize responsiveness to service requests

Escalation Enabled
Requests can be escalated to achieve higher visibility and faster resolution.

As workflow routing and resolution take place, those involved can provide internal and/or requestor-visible comments while providing ongoing emailed feedback to the requestor.

Audit & Analytical Tracking
Data from requests and resolutions are collated for department managers to combine, segment, filter and sort, allowing them to discern trends, anticipate problems, make corrections, enforce accountability, ensure safety and justify investments which strengthen their department and their team’s mission.

Data Security
The SSP system is built on a secure platform with latest generation authentication and security protocols.

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