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GroupLink everything HelpDesk

  • Simplify Ticket Requests for Support
  • Increase Productivity
  • Improve Communication
  • Streamline and Track Issues
  • Report Progress

Access free GroupLink everything HelpDesk software.

GroupLink everything HelpDesk

  • Simplify Federal, State and Local Compliance Processes
  • Improve Classroom Behavior & Student Success
  • Be proactive and engage with Early Warning Signs
  • Minimize liability from student infractions

Access your free trial of GroupLink for SafestSchools software.

GroupLink everything HelpDesk

  • Boost productivity by working only on unique tasks
  • Get projects completed faster and more efficiently
  • Increase teamwork and participation
  • Capture intellectual property

Access free GroupLink PowerShare software.


  • Engage with the Community for use of campus facilities
  • Allow Maximize Reservation Use, Rental Use and Revenue
  • Provide an audit trail of facility & equipment use
  • Reduce scheduling conflicts
  • Easily include Equipment Reservations

Access free use of SkyCentral Community Engagement Engine


  • Teachers quickly add interaction to instructional videos – to engage students in deeper learning.
  • Options include quizzes, polls, forms, downloads, etc.
  • Lab tool for student teams’ video curriculum
  • Lite LMS or a plug-in to existing LMS (e.g., Moodle, Canvas, etc.)

Access free use of InteractiVid.

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