4 Ways Student Behavior Software Will Change Your School Forever


As an administrator, you have a lot of balls to juggle. Between teachers’ wishes, parents’ demands, and students’ needs, it gets difficult to find the time to aggregate data that spurs meaningful change. Perhaps one or several students keep bubbling to the top of your radar; maybe a teacher keeps struggling with her students’ behavior; or possibly you wonder if there’s a way out of the cycle of negative feedback so that students receive immediate, positive interventions that steer them to more productive behaviors. One consistency among many administrators is the concern that parents are on one island when it comes to discipline, while staff is on another. So how do you change the tide? How do you address the needs of multiple groups when time is something that seems to disappear at an alarming rate?
While no magical program exists that gifts administrators with more time, GroupLink manages to make better use of your time so that you can focus on making real change instead of dealing with the trivial tasks.

What is GroupLink?

Grouplink for Safest Schools is a software program that focuses on making student behavior and discipline a collaborative effort. With the idea that it takes a village to raise a child, GroupLink pairs teachers, administrators, parents, and the community together to address behavior concerns. This allows all stakeholders an opportunity to help guide students in a synergetic manner. Accessible from the cloud, GroupLink offers a central platform to record, communicate and work together on the most relevant, accurate information that is beneficial to students.


Why Choose GroupLink?

Quite a few programs promise the moon and stars when it comes to student discipline. Everyone wants a simple solution to a complex, difficult problem that plagues schools throughout the country. As you well know, such a solution doesn’t exist. It takes a solid commitment to implement and maintain change. Since you’ve read this far, there’s a good chance you want to see a change. Here’s why you should consider partnering with GroupLink to make that happen.


Sure, there’s no such thing as simple change when it comes to an entire school, but there ways exist to simplify your workload. GroupLink helps simplify life by eliminating paperwork, streamlining processes, and reducing the need for behavior meetings that merely rehash the same ole’ same ole’. According to the federal Education Department, nearly 20,000 schools in the United States use School-Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, an evidence-based framework to reduce disciplinary infractions, improve school climate, and increase student achievement. GroupLink supports this approach and makes those interventions easier.

Detect and Address Concerns Through Automated Reporting

In an environment where students attend class with numerous teachers, it can be difficult to determine what’s going on from classroom to classroom. While one child may continually pop up as having behavior concerns, it can be challenging to figure out if it’s the class, the teacher, the time of day, or other factors that hamper his or her success. Teachers may wonder if other staff deal with the same concerns, yet they may lack the time to approach everyone individually. GroupLink solves this by creating a central place for all educators to identify and address areas of concerns.

Track Progress Over Time

Aggregating data is the first step to implementing meaningful change. GroupLink facilitates this by providing insight into how individual students perform over the course of a week, month or school year.

Student Behavior Software

Customizable Dashboard

Depending on your role within the school, you’ll likely want access to different information. GroupLink allows each user to customize the dashboard so the most relevant information is readily available. Doing so also helps each person pair it with the other technology-based programs used to curb student discipline concerns.
Student behavior is a tricky thing for any teacher or administrator to manage. If you’re ready to see real change, try GroupLink for Safest Schools for free today by following this link.

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