ITSM Self-Service Portal

GroupLink is pleased to announce the Self-Service Portal (“SSP”) module of GroupLink-ITSM is now ready for customers to experience. This module was delivered in final beta in the eHD v12.0.1 snapshot (engineering) release on 28 April 2021.

The ITSM-SSP module enables eWorkflow for self-service requests and incidents (and also AI-level data collection / tracking for analytic “community”-needs forecasting). Examples of providing self-service support access include:

Providing various kinds of support pages or support-request forms on the website for:

  • City / County / State
    • CitizensElected officials VendorsStaff – – can submit details of their support needs, in user-friendly forms
  • …or a K-12 District / University / College / Campus
    • StudentsParentsFaculty VendorsStaff – – can submit
  • …or on another business / organization
    • Employees – Vendors – Customers – – can submit

Just a few of the many Benefits of the ITSM-SSP module include:

  1. Time Savings through clearly / consistently receiving and routing service requests.
  2. Quick Submission – The various “requestor” users of the SSP can quickly submit details of their requests using nested drop-down categories and options
  3. Rapid Resolution – Because of the performance metrics and related safeguards built within the eWorkflow features of the system (safeguards include features to promote accountability, SLA and audit integrity), those providing services can be easily praised and incentivized for their responsiveness to service requests.
  4. Escalation Enabled – Requests can be escalated to achieve higher visibility and faster resolution.
  5. Visibility of, and Spotlight on, “The Best” (i.e., “The Best Service-Responders”) – The Dashboard tools of the eWorkflow can be used to highlight the best performers, to give graphical alerts to managers, and to recognize high-achievers.
  6. Alerts / Notifications – Responsiveness can be improved by use of alerts and notifications.
  7. Data Integrity – All data received of similar request-types is uniform in form, disposition, resolution, and auditability. 
  8. Statistical & Historical Accuracy – Because all data about service requests are consistent – – statistical & historical accuracy is ensured.
  9. Self-Service forms are Very User-friendly. They are very easy to create and to fill-out.
  10. SSP Requests are Automatically Routed to the proper department or person …using workflow for ongoing delegation, routing, accountability and resolution.
  11. As workflow routing & resolution takes place, those involved can provide internal-only (hidden) or requestor-visible Comments and Collaboration …while providing ongoing feedback to the requestor (via their email)
  12. Details and data from the requests and resolution are kept and Tracked for Audit and Analytical purposes.
    • Department managers are able to combine, segment, filter and sort on the data.
    • They are able to discern trends, anticipate problems, make corrections, enforce accountability, ensure safety and justify investments which strengthen their department and their team’s mission.
  13. The system is Very Secure – built on a secure platform with the latest-generation authentication and security.

Because the ITSM-SSP module benefits apply to literally every department within an organization – every person in that organization who has accountability for responsiveness, quality and safety can benefit through its use, and can greatly benefit by being in the eWorkflow routing stream of service responders / auditors. Hence, the ITSM-SSP module is available as part of a site license for GroupLink everything HelpDesk (“eHD”).

Just a few Examples of the Departments which will benefit from the ITSM-SSP module include:

  • IT Services
  • Citizen/Student/Customer Services
  • Staff / Employee Services
    • HR – Benefits
    • Training / Certifications
    • etc.
  • Finance Department
  • Purchasing Department
  • Safety Department
  • Facility Department
  • Maintenance Department
  • Public Engagement
  • Vendor Engagement
  • Other

Please talk with your GroupLink Customer Success team representative to learn about ITSM-SSP site license pricing, benefits, training and configuration.

Welcome to the GroupLink Self-Service Portal. Please select one of the options below to submit your Service Request.

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