Helps financial institutions streamline lead collection and delegation

eReferrals by GroupLink enables banks, credit unions and other financial institutions to consistently collect leads from branch or remote offices and have them flow into a shared database, which then directs the immediate connection of a lead to the appropriate sales person or department. eReferrals is designed exclusively for customers in the banking and financial industries. The following list represents a select few of the organizations that have chosen GroupLink technology for their referral needs: Summit Financial Group, Cardinal Bank, Reliance Bank.

Ease of use

  • Referral tracking system with simple submission forms
  • Open the lines of communication within your organization
  • Instant notification via email to the correct respondent for the requested services, and storage into a CRM database with history views

100% Web Based

  • MS Internet Explorer® or Edge®, Firefox®, Google Chrome™, Safari® and others
  • Form-fit screens for tablet views (in summer 2020 release of v12.0)
  • Access from any web-enabled device, including iPhone and Android

Essential 3rd party integration

  • Exchange®, Office365®, GroupWise®, Gmail™ and other modern authentication messaging & collaboration platforms
  • Seamless integration with Active Directory® (AD®), AD FS®, eDirectory® and Apple Open Directory via LDAP®

Cross platform solution

  • Runs smoothly on Mac®, Windows®, SUSE®, and Linux®
  • Perfect solution for any type of service or financial organization

Powerful reporting

  • Built-in powerful reporting tools, no third party solution necessary
  • Graphical, drill-down reports, dashboards in real-time, and automatic scheduled reports

World class customer service

  • No training or consultation fees
  • Excellent customer service leads to over 90% customer retention rates
  • You buy more than a software package – you receive a service solution

Hosted referral software

  • Lower overall costs and eliminate server maintenance
  • Simplify implementation with instant access to the web portal
  • Increase uptime with a guaranteed 99% uptime

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