Mobile Device Management

Immediate ROI

Mobile strategy challenges

  • Define and enforce usage policies
  • Provision users for secure access
  • Monitor and identify users on the network
  • Segregate corporate and personal data
  • Determine what apps can be used
  • Maximize business usage efficiencies
  • Disable features in regulated environments
  • Protect against lost or stolen devices
  • Establish a course of action for device misuse
  • Achieve scalability for business growth

GroupLinkMDM solution

  • Consultative approach
  • Framing mobility strategies
  • Crafting Acceptable Usage Policies
  • Sharing customer Best Practices
  • Managing implementation of MDM
  • Engaged from planning through post deployment
Mobility options

Supported devices

  • Apple® iOS
  • Android™
  • BlackBerry®
  • Windows® Phone
  • Windows Mobile®
  • Symbian™
  • Smartphones & tablets


  • Simple, affordable pricing paid annually
  • Per-device basis
  • Includes maintenance and support
Business consultation


  • On-Premise / On-Demand (cloud)
  • SAS 70 certified
  • 99.9% availability
  • Supports VM
  • Multi-tenant
  • On-Premise & cloud solutions are identical

Why GroupLinkMDM?

  • Simple, intuitive, affordable
  • Cross-platform
  • Email agnostic
  • SMS text message and phone usage data archiving
  • Alternative for BlackBerry Enterprise Server

As mobile devices continue to penetrate the workplace, organizations face new challenges in maintaining proper levels of visibility and control over users and their data. GroupLinkMD, powered by Notify Technology, gives you the tools to minimize the inherent risks of consumer-driven technology in the enterprise. For more information, you can also download our whitepaper here.


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