Enterprise Service Catalog (ESC)
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GroupLink allows for Enterprise Service Catalog (ESC) creation using eWorkflow for self-service requests and incidents. Creating your ESC in this way will provide you with AI-level data collection and tracking for analytic community-related forecasting.

Examples include providing various kinds of support pages or support request forms on the website for:

City, county and state organizations
Citizens, elected officials, vendors and staff can make service requests in user-friendly forms.

K-12 district, university, college and campus organizations
Students, parents, faculty vendors and staff can make service requests.

Other businesses and organizations
Employees, vendors and customers can make service requests.

Just a few of the many benefits of your Enterprise Service Catalog (ESC) include:

Automatic Routing
ESC workflows allow for ongoing delegation, routing, accountability and resolution with the relevant department or person.

Quick Submission
Various requestor users of the ESC can quickly submit details of their requests using nested dropdown categories and options.

Statistical & Historical Accuracy
Because all data about enterprise service requests are consistent, statistical and historical accuracy is ensured.

Rapid Resolution
Performance metrics and related safeguards built within the eWorkflow features of the system (promoting accountability, SLA and audit integrity) make it possible to commend and incentivize responsiveness to service requests

Audit & Analytical Tracking
Data from requests and resolutions are collated for
department managers to combine, segment, filter and sort, allowing them to discern trends, anticipate problems, make corrections, enforce accountability, ensure safety and justify investments which strengthen their department and their team’s mission.

Data Security
Your ESC system is built on a secure platform with latest generation authentication and security protocols.

Escalation Enabled
Enterprise service requests can be escalated to achieve higher visibility and faster resolution.

Data Integrity
All data received of similar request-types is uniform in form, disposition, resolution and auditability.

Highlight on Best Performers
The eWorkflow dashboard tools can be used to highlight the best performers giving graphical alerts to managers to recognize high-achievers.

As workflow routing and resolution take place, those involved can provide internal and/or requestor-visible comments while providing ongoing emailed feedback to the requestor.

Enterprise service catalog forms are very easy to create and to fill-out.

Time Savings
Streamlined workflows make it possible for clear and consistent receiving and routing of service requests.

Alerts & Notifications
Responsiveness can be improved by use of alerts and notifications.

Every person who has accountability for responsiveness, quality and safety can benefit by using your Enterprise Service Catalog module and can do so by being in the eWorkflow routing stream of service responders and auditors. Hence, your Enterprise Service Catalog module is also available as part of a site license for GroupLink everything HelpDesk (eHD).

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