Problem Management works together with Incident Management, Change Management, and Configuration Management to ensure that IT service availability and quality are increased.

When incidents are resolved, information about the resolution is recorded.

Over time, this information is used to reduce the resolution time and identify permanent solutions, reducing the number of recurring incidents.

Benefits Overview to the Service Delivery Organizations

  • Better first-time fix at the Service Desk
  • Departments can show added value to the organization
  • Reduced workload for staff and Service Desk (incident volume reduction)
  • Better alignment between departments
  • Improved work environment for staff
  • More empowered staff
  • Improved prioritization of effort
  • Better use of resources
  • More control over services provided

Benefits Overview to the Customer Organizations

  • Improved quality of services
  • Higher service availability
  • Improved user productivity

Risk Reduction Benefit

  • Problem Management reduces incidents leading to more reliable and higher quality IT services for users.

Cost Reduction Benefit

  • Reduction in the number of incidents leads to a more efficient use of staff time as well as decreased downtime experienced by end-users.

Service Quality Improvement Benefit

  • Problem Management helps the IT organization to meet customer expectations for services and achieve client satisfaction.
  • By understanding existing problems, known errors and corrective actions, the Service Desk has an enhanced ability to address incidents at the first point of contact.
  • Problem Management helps generate a cycle of increasing IT service quality.

Improved Utilization of IT Staff Benefit

  • Service Desk resources handle calls more efficiently because they have access to a knowledge database of known errors and corrective actions.
  • Consolidating problems, known errors and corrective action information facilitates organizational learning.

Opportunity costs of NOT adopting a formal Problem Management Process

  • Interruptions will result in unsatisfied clients and loss of confidence in the IT Enterprise organization.
  • Inefficient use of support resources as senior resources spend their efforts on reacting to incidents rather than pro-actively managing the delivery and support of services.
  • Reduced employee motivation as they repeatedly address incidents with similar characteristics.

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