Re-examining Priorities for CIOs & CTOs: A 10-Part Series

In recent times, CIOs and CTOs have had to pivot quickly and strategize efficiently, ensuring their organizations survive in a time heavily reliant on technology. This adaptability kept many organizations going. Those best prepared for digital transformation saw the benefits. 

CIOs initially in action mode may have time now to sit down and think about the long-term again, re-examining priorities. From remote operations to ensuring customers and employees have contactless options to managing IT budgets and expectations, there is a lot to consider. 

Our guide will help CIOs and CTOs move forward into 2021 and beyond with a good strategy and revitalized priorities. Here is what to expect from our Re-examining Priorities for CIOs and CTOs series.

Re-examining Priorities for CIOs & CTOs: Where is the Customer? Be There!

Customers are at the core of any organization. When customers are happy, the organization typically thrives. The entire world has shifted in the last year or so, and your customers may not be behaving in the same way they did before. One key priority for CIOs and CTOs is to take a look at where customers are and find a way to meet them and their expectations. This article will look at how CIOs and CTOs can use technology like social listening to ensure their organizations suit customer preferences. 

Re-examining Priorities for CIOs & CTOs: Using Intelligent Decision-Making to Accelerate Automation

Automation played a critical role for many organizations shifting to a more digital approach in recent months. A Forbes article notes organizations investing heavily in AI grew their workforce by 15 percent across entire industries. We will explore how organizations can use automation to their fullest potential, based on intelligent strategizing. 

Re-examining Priorities for CIOs & CTOs: Will We Personalize and Customize Mobile Communications and Contactless Solutions

According to McKinsey, consumer sentiment and behavior reflects the uncertainty of COVID-19 and its impacts. Spending intent is different, loyalties are shifting, and many customers are looking for digital solutions for what used to be analog. This article will look at how CIOs and CTOs can offer personalized communications and solutions to keep loyal customers and capture others.

Re-examining Priorities for CIOs & CTOs: In-Person and/or Remote Operations – How to Balance?

For organizations that had to switch to remote operations quickly, there may be an opportunity to come back to in-person work. However, for many, there have been advantages found in remote work. This article looks at how CIOs and CTOs can facilitate flexibility between in-person and remote operations. 

Re-examining Priorities for CIOs & CTOs: Personal Development – Constantly Improving and Iterating

CIOS and CTOS making changes and re-examining priorities do not need to do so all at once. Personal and organizational development can be a constant process with iterative changes and a growth mindset. Here we will look at how ‘not yet’ is a better approach than ‘not at all.’

Re-examining Priorities for CIOs & CTOs: How to Realize Value in IT – Before Asking for More Budget

Technology budgets may not be rising as quickly as CIOs and CTOs would like. Any investment will require buy-in across the organization, especially now when new economic pressures exist from 2020’s unpredictability. We will explore how to showcase the value that technology investments have for an entire organization, and not just the IT department. 

Re-examining Priorities for CIOs & CTOs: Choosing Technology That is Critical to Survival

As organizations come out of the turmoil of 2020, there are still some lingering economic concerns, as outlined by this Duke Fuqua Insight paper. CIOs and CTOs need to keep their organizations afloat by choosing technology that is critical to survival. We will take a look at how organizations are doing exactly that.

Re-examining Priorities for CIOs & CTOs: How to “Productize” Your IT Solution (Rather Than Just Building a Project)

A productized IT solution focuses more on what a user is trying to accomplish, instead of getting lost in team-based silos. CIOs and CTOs can bring different departments and teams together to ensure technology is meeting priorities, thus ‘productizing’ the solutions. In this article, we will show you how various organizations are accomplishing this, and the benefits of this approach. 

Re-examining Priorities for CIOs & CTOs: Summary of a 10-Part Series

This article will summarize each topic, as a quick reference guide for CIOs and CTOs who want to refresh themselves on re-examining priorities. We believe in creating technology that helps CIOs, CTOs, and entire organizations meet their priorities efficiently and with ease of use. Check out GroupLink everything HelpDeskGroupLink Workflow Process & Incident Tracking, and GroupLink for SafestSchools  which all have excellent eWorkflow, WFH and ITSM capability.

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