Revitalized IT Project Management: Summary

Let’s be realistic. Revitalized IT project management is a big task. But it’s worth the effort. Moreover, just because it’s a large project, doesn’t mean it has to be daunting. 

Our series has shown you, along the way, that there are many reasons to revitalize the way you manage IT projects. It’s something many other companies have done, and that it’s an entirely achievable task.

To sum it all up, we will leave you with this quick reference guide to help keep you on the right path toward revitalized IT project management. You can always go back to the individual articles within the series to refresh your memory further! And, as always, we’re happy to help you out with any needs. Just call us at 801.335.0700 or contact us online.

What is Revitalized IT Project Management & Why Do It?

Whether you develop software, install hardware, upgrade equipment, move to the cloud, implement a project management office, or otherwise implement and deliver IT services and structures, you need to plan the project all the way through. 

Revitalized IT project management is simply changing the way your organization assesses, prioritizes, and plans projects that involve technology. It means taking a look at what is not working so that you can move away from the status quo and introduce a new model that better serves your organization and its clients.

Revitalizing IT project management also keeps your organization moving forward instead of stagnating with legacy tech and ancient project management models.

The Core of Revitalized IT Project Management

Know that your organization will likely have to dismantle a lot of the way you do things, in a big way. Changing a few tactics or introducing new software alone can help with your IT project management, of course, but it doesn’t add up to the full revitalization that reinvents your organization for the better. 

You should identify and feel confident in your organization’s culture, your vision, your overall goals, and your risk tolerance as a business. It’s also important to align your IT project management with those needs and practices. 

At the same time, you need to look ahead, using business intelligence to understand what’s coming for your business, your industry, and the overall market. That also informs the way your projects are managed. Any revitalization plans need to continue benefiting your business in the years and decades to come.

IT Project Management and Your Team

As with any big change, revitalized IT project management requires buy-in from your entire team. It calls for a shift in perspective, from doing things how they have always done, to willingly considering and adopting new ways of tackling problems.

Revitalized IT project management often calls for new tools and new workflows, which your team will need to be trained on, including understanding how these changes will impact their work with legacy systems and the ways their job roles may change. 

Ask your team to identify what areas are a struggle and work to find solutions within your revitalization plan to show that their opinions and needs matter. It’s crucial to have enthusiastic, eager staff on board with your revitalization plans, so include everyone involved. Do so early and often.

Obstacles to Overcome

All projects and plans come with some form of challenge. Overcoming those obstacles starts with proactive preparation, which is why we’ve shared some of the common issues in revitalizing IT project management.

As a quick reminder, you should be on the lookout for issues with interconnected tech, and how changing one aspect of your project management will likely lead to a cascade of other changes in your components and processes. Map how everything comes together so that you and your team have a full understanding of the system you’re tweaking. You should be on alert for team members who are struggling to adapt and be prepared to step in with additional training, mentoring, and guidance. 

Perhaps most importantly, remember to be flexible, agile, and determined. Revitalizing your IT project management isn’t always easy, but it’s always worthwhile.

Creating and Using a Plan

A good game plan will get you through even the most difficult obstacles. It requires three big things: 

  1. an understanding of your goals based on an inventory of what your business needs to succeed.
  2. a timeline put in place around your major project milestones.
  3. a set of metrics or key performance indicators your team will watch to keep track of the revitalization project’s success.

This game plan is crucial to keeping your project moving forward. You can also adjust it as you need, whether you change your goals, your timeline, or the metrics you’re watching. We’re always here to help you with any of your IT project management needs, no matter where you are in your plan. Contact us at 801.335.0700 or use our online form.

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