Work-from-Home’s (WFH) Future for CIOs & CTOs: An 8-part Guide

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are involved in work from home (WFH). Those who had never videoconference in their lives are now regularly conducting meetings online, managing people virtually, and dealing with the associated technology. Now that everyone can see what is possible, the future looks bright for WFH. Already, Global Workplace Analytics estimates, 56% of the U.S. workforce holds a job that is compatible (at least partially) with remote work. Still, CIOs and CTOs have a lot to do to ensure their companies understand how critical this tech is.

With our eight-part series on the future of WFH and how it impacts CIOs and CTOs, tech professionals will have best practices and examples. This information helps CIOs and CTOs be influential leaders in choosing, implementing, and maintaining WFH systems and strategies. With businesses stabilized using WFH tech already, now it’s time to make those new ways of working last.

The Prevalence of WFH Technology

One study shows the best performing enterprises have created positive business outcomes, even during the pandemic, in part thanks to a focus on WFH. The top tier of companies has committed to making WFH employees as productive as they can be. They are 33 percent more likely to train their employees on this technology and three times more likely to say their collaboration tools are effective.

It’s up to IT to create the right remote access and operating environment for work from home, whether that’s a permanent move or emergency WFH. It requires security, data governance, and flexibility, as well as ease of use for employees. It can be a tricky balance to find! We are here to help CIOs and CTOs join the top tier of those seeing positive business outcomes.

Our Eight-Part Guide

Here is what you will find in our eight-part guide, from common obstacles to making a strategy for your WFH implementation. We hope you will follow along and learn more about how to utilize WFH best!

PART 1: Work-from-Home’s (WFH) Future – for CIOs & CTOs: An 8-part Guide
(This blog post.)

PART 2: …What appears to work. What appears to not work.
What appears to work and what appears not to work is all about real-life examples showcasing WFH best practices and challenges.

PART 3: …Assessing Pros & Cons – Examples
Assessing Pros & Cons will show the approaches of various organizations and businesses. We will explore the pros and cons of each course, giving you insight into your WFH options. As always, real-life examples explore how WFH is impacting actual companies and organizations.

PART 4: …Accountability Issues and Solutions – Examples
Accountability Issues and Solutions focuses on how WFH solutions will ideally intrinsically address accountability issues. This is a hot topic, of course, as work from home and remote work give people more latitude to get their jobs done. A sound WFH system will build accountability right into daily operations, which this article will explore.

PART 5: …Overcoming obstacles
We fully believe in the power of WFH platforms, but that does not mean they are immediately easy to put into place. Work-from-Home’s (WFH) Future – for CIOs & CTOs: Overcoming Obstacles will feature research and examples of the common obstacles associated with this technology. Of course, we will also show you how to get past these obstacles so that you can find success through WFH.

PART 6: …Starting Small and Celebrating Successes
Starting Small and Celebrating Successes again looks at several example organizations and businesses and how they have taken a measured, steady approach to WFH. We will also discuss how organizations have celebrated their WFH strategies’ successes, no matter how small their steps toward WFH may be. We focus on this because it’s important to highlight the rewards of success and gain institutional and political favor for WFH.

PART 7: …Goals, Metrics & Timelines
Goals, Metrics & Timelines will show CIOs and CTOs how to put all of their ideas and concepts into action. We will show you how to create specific goals, metrics, and timelines relating to WFH, so all of your learning goes to good use.

Finally, PART 8: …Summary
Summary acts as a summation of all of this information, as well as a quick reference guide. If you want to dig deeply into each topic as needed, the full article series is available. But, if you need a fast refresher on one aspect, the summary article will be an excellent resource.

We believe in the power of WFH platforms because we see how they benefit businesses and organizations every day. GroupLink everything HelpDesk, Workflow Process & Incident Tracking, and GroupLink for SafestSchools all have excellent workflow and WFH capability. Connect with us online, call us at 801-335-0700, or email us at for more information on these systems and how they will fit into your work.

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