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Revitalized IT Project Management: Summary

Let’s be realistic. Revitalized IT project management is a big task. But it’s worth the effort. Moreover, just because it’s a large project, doesn’t mean it has to be daunting.  Our series has shown you, along the way, that there are many reasons to revitalize the way you manage IT projects. It’s something many other

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Revitalized IT Project Management: Game Plan

By now, CIOs and CTOs, along with their teams, should have a good handle on ideas for revitalizing IT project management. The next step is to turn those ideas into a game plan you can follow, with specific goals, metrics, and timelines. You have the backbone of a lot of brainstorming, auditing, and information-gathering, all

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Revitalized IT Project Management: Overcoming Obstacles

We’ve gone over what revitalization looks like and why your organization should do it. We’ve also offered suggestions and examples regarding how to get started and how you can expect this revitalization to impact your team. But, as with any new endeavor, it’s essential to know the potential pitfalls of revitalized IT project management. That’s

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