IT War Stories – Front Line, Sob Line, Laugh Line and Supply Line: Part 8 of 10 – Supply Line Examples

Sometimes a technology problem revolves around the supply line — that is, the product. From physical products to productized services, clients can run into problems with all sorts of things. When they do, they will reach out to tech support in one way or another. Over the phone, on chat, with an email ticket, or even in person, product-related help queries are very common.

If you are an IT worker on a product-related Helpdesk, some of these stories may sound familiar to you. Whether sad, frustrating, or funny, these tech support tales show just how many questions involve products and how important it is to have a good system to help with these problems. Read these stories, laugh or shake your head, then take a look at what GroupLink offers.

The Wrong Product

We’ll start with a story that’s all about the product — but not, in fact, a product the IT professional could help with! They received an email ticket asking for help accessing an account, which is a typically easy request. Unfortunately, the tech could not find the user’s information in the database.

When the tech support agent asked for a screenshot of the error notification, they realized that the user was trying to get help with a website that wasn’t even theirs and a product that they did not sell. They informed the person of this, then closed the ticket.

That wasn’t enough for customer satisfaction, however. The user then called the support line, and the tech happened to be the one who picked up. The caller insisted the tech pro was responsible for fixing the issue. The tech Googled the company’s tech support line and provided the number.

This, too, wasn’t helpful enough. When the agent closed the call, the manager picked up next to talk to the angry caller. After that, the user spammed the support chat until the tech agent had to call the user’s employer to make it stop.

Work From Home Woes

In this situation, an IT professional was helping transition a client to working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic. They received a phone call from someone who had been told they would get a new docking station from the CCO. They had the station but didn’t understand where their laptop should plug in.

The tech pro described where the appropriate cables would be found on the dock, but the user reported that their product only had a lot of ports. The tech knew that something was not quite right and asked for the model number of the dock. When the user read it off, the tech knew something was wrong.

Tech: “How did you get this dock?”

User: “The CCO had it on a desk outside of his office. He told me to get it on my way out of the office.”

Tech: “So, you took an entire computer.”

After the tech called the CCO, everyone realized that the CCO had left the dock on the same desk as the PC and didn’t specifically highlight the difference between the two. It shows how vital it is to clearly explain everything about a product!

Buying from the Wrong Source

Similar to the first story, this is another one that is a case of mistaken identity. A user called a smart home company and spoke with a technical support agent. The frustrated caller asked why his device was not working properly.

The tech immediately determined that the user did not fulfill the first and only requirement to install the product and informed the user of this. The user was again frustrated, telling the tech agent that the information should be on the website if that is the case.

The tech explained that the requirement information was on the website and provided the link to the information. The user said that they had read a lot about the product but didn’t read anything about requirements. Eventually, the tech agent became suspicious and asked where the user had bought the device.

Here’s the mistaken identity part: the user quickly realized that they had purchased the device from a third-party site that did not provide enough information. They decided to contact the seller and hung up with the tech agent.

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