Why an IT Help Desk for Education is Essential

Users Expect the Same or Better Service they Receive Elsewhere

Users of IT systems in schools and universities are very demanding and they likely have plenty of experience with service offerings from application providers, mobile phone companies and other entities. Students, faculty and administrators at these institutions expect the same or better service from your department.

As the IT Manager or Supervisor in a school or university, you are responsible for providing a high level of service to your community. Users rely on their systems to keep the organization functioning and they rely on you to keep their computers and applications doing what they are supposed to do. When systems are down, the organization grind to a halt and that can cost a lot of money.

The problem is that most IT departments have limited budgets and just like a typical house hold budget, they run out of money before they run out of month.

Automating the IT Help Desk Function can Help

One very good way to improve service levels is by automating and streamlining the help desk function. Unfortunately, there are still many IT departments in the world of education that are using home grown, cobbled together spread sheets and pseudo data bases created by someone who has since moved on to another position or left the organization altogether. There is virtually no support for the “system” so if it functions at all, it is usually cumbersome and difficult to maintain.

The web based help desk system from Quick Study was designed from scratch to handle all the requirements of an IT support group like yours. It supports an unlimited number of users and allows for mobile support from both iPhone® and Android™ devices.

Benefits of an automated IT Help Desk

  • The most important benefit to a well-designed IT Help Desk is improved communication. Both users and technicians have access to the information and can track the progress of their support request. This eliminates all those phone calls asking for an update on their service request and allows technicians to stay focused on problem resolution.
  • Technicians spend far less time shuffling papers and creating reports and more time on providing the service they were hired for in the first place. The worst thing you can have your technicians do is waste their valuable time on pushing paper!

 Benefits of everythingHelpDesk® by GroupLink®

  • Users can submit support requests online from anywhere in the world 24 x7 x 365 and check status and receive automatic updates.
  • The system automatically sends emails and support requests can be initiated via the email interface.
  • Includes powerful reporting function that keeps technicians and managers good visibility into the status of all requests
  • An online Knowledgebase allows users to resolve many of their own issues before even contacting the department for support
  • The system can be tailored to the needs of each individual department while maintaining a centralized data base for consistent tracking and reporting
  • Asset tracking module allows managers to properly allocate resources
  • Managers can schedule automatic reports for emailing to all interested parties
  • Fully customizable screen views and all reports are easily exported to PDF and Excel® Spreadsheets

 The everythingHelpDesk® by GroupLink® is a 100% web based help desk solution. It is easy to implement and tailor to the needs of your department includes professionally designed workflows with comprehensive tracking and reporting tools. A well functioning IT Help Desk is critical to your departments and in many cases it is the glue that holds the entire organization together.

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