Features & Benefits

End User Self-Service Portal

  • Mobile and desktop portals
  • Locate device
  • Get recovery password
  • Remote wipe (full or selective)
  • Remote lock
  • Wipe storage card

Policy Creation

  • Corporate and personal policy settings
  • Access restrictions if non-compliant
  • Application and file permissions settings
  • Audit tracking, phone, and text log settings
  • Device control (Bluetooth, browser, etc.)
  • Advanced iOS and TouchDown settings

Graphical Dashboard Monitor

  • Devices by policy, platform, carrier
  • Devices by ownership, liability, data plan
  • Devices by roaming, text/minutes usage
  • Trend of changing carriers, platforms, etc.
  • Customizable drag and drop panels

Application Management

  • Recommended app list
  • View, install, or uninstall apps
  • Application control, whitelist, blacklist
  • File push and update
  • Disable iCloud

Real-Time Data Capture

  • Device location/trail
  • Phone usage and SMS text message data
  • Battery life, memory, signal strength
  • Device type, model, OS version
  • Carrier, roaming, encryption status
  • Installed apps and versions
  • Liability, policy, connection schedule

Security Management

  • Remote wipe (full or selective)
  • Remote lock
  • Feature restrictions (camera, Wi-Fi, etc.)
  • Network authentication
  • On device encryption
  • Jailbreak detection
  • Password settings

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